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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

The 20 Golden Rules of Karate

1-Karate begins and ends with "rei" (salute).

2-Do not use karate for no reason.

3-Practicing karate with a sense of justice.

4-Before getting to know others must know himself.

5-Art is born of intuition.

6-Do not let your mind wander.

7-The failure arises from the negligence.

8-The only practiced karate in the dojo.

9-The practice of karate is for life.

10-Deal with problems in a spirit of karate.

11-Karate is like boiling water.

12-Do not feed the idea of winning but also of being defeated.

13-Adjust your attitude in terms of your opponent.

14-The secret of the battle lies in the art of directing.

15-Let your hands and your feet hit like sabers.

16-As you pass the threshold of your house ten thousand enemies await you.

17-"Kama" is the golden rule for the beginner. After a guard can be adapted spontaneously.

18-The katas are performed properly. In actual combat, his movements are adapted to the circumstances.

19-Three factors to consider: the strength, scale and technical grade.

20-Deep in your mind of karate



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