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Dojo Karate School Narot, has created this site for lovers of the Kyokushin style, based teachings of their creator Sosai Matsutatsu Oyama Kyokushinkai style founder of.

After many years of study and with the help of my students, we intend to present in its fullness what may offer the study of this art, delving into the technical, physical, protocol, competition, kata, self defense , child karate, etc., always thinking about those people who want to know or delve into a discipline where knowledge acquisition is continuous. A good teacher is always a priority Karate present and transmitting their knowledge with the highest quality, covering all areas of study that gives us the Karate Kyokushin, getting out of it a reflection in our students that some day they will also be makers to introduce this way of life.

I hope this site serves to provide an overview of what we can offer the practice of this martial art, and for those who wish to deepen their study can contact me using the link below to help you in any way possible.

"The teacher is a teacher only because, forgetting himself has transmitted their knowledge to their students, and through them to all those who come later. The disciple is a disciple only because it comes fully to his master."


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