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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Benefits of the Practice of Karate Kyokushinkai

The practice of Kyokushin Karate, provides a range of benefits that will positively influence the formation of character, and the strengthening of the personality.

In Kyokushin Karate not only learn to respect the higher grades, to accept corrections to his instructor, but also gives the opportunity for the Karate practitioner who knows her body, her motor skills, to develop and limitations to overcome. The student will achieve self-discipline, because the instructor is just the guide, but the decision to change or not, is in every student.

Some cases are small and gentle corrections deserve such as: channel excess energy, teaching concentration, self-control and respect for others, or conversely, if you are too timid, group work provides everything necessary about the relationship with respect and discipline.

Kyokushin Karate contributes to the development of personality (self esteem) and self-confidence, physical work, and through this achieve a good muscle development, flexibility, reflexes, factors that significantly influence in correcting postural problems.

Kyokushin Karate is an excellent tool for children and youth to grow in a healthy, full, straight and lasting value over time. . . courtesy, respect, discipline, physical development, self-confidence ... More than just a sport!

These are some of the advantages provided by the practice of this discipline and unlike sports, where the goal is to beat the opponent in the martial arts opponent is oneself, the struggle is constant and without rest, and results can be seen in any area of life.

Marcelo Eduardo Figueroa Reinado
 Osu No Seishin


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