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En las artes marciales, la meditación sobre las acciones pasadas nos conduce a la habilidad y destreza en acciones futuras

Warming up for Championship

HEAT: (set-up physical and mental)

Physical: to increase body temperature, adjust the muscle, activating the stretch reflex ..

Psychic: Display self-confidence.

Specific: Karate using characteristic activities.

Strategy: Do not display the weapons themselves (good leg, etc. ..)

Energetic: In a car accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 10 seconds is a huge energy expenditure; If you heat up spending less than progressive.

Rebounds better flexibility.

De generic (race, rope) to specific (shadows, travel ..).


Generic (race, rope. Unheated of specific muscles so that interest us.)

Guardia, changes and shifts.

Makiwara leg technique.

Technical fist at makiwara.

Shadow (more specific and comprehensive exercise. Important does not display weapons).

Hardening soft (abdomen, chest, thighs, tibiae, forearms ...).

Joint mobility and stretching (special attention to the joints of the wrist, ankle, finger, knee.)



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