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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Letters to Sosai Matsutatsu Oyama

In a magazine called POWER KARATE asking him questions about martial arts master Oyama, some very interesting answers are then presented in detail in his writings:

·... Must accept a challenge?

·"Muay Thai ·, the martial art world's strongest?

· It created I need the Budo

· ... On Kotaro Yoshida Sensei

... About Oyama Dojo

... Absorb them Kyokushin techniques, would be stronger than it already is!

Do not no reason to rush

· ... Constantly annoy me!

·As he met his wife and that means ...?, Sosai

· Kyokushin es el más fuerte??

Kyokushin Karate has not overcome the specter of street fighting!

· ... Whoever believes to be the strongest swordsman in history?

Ueshiba and Takeda had · techniques, movements and skills that were at the level of the divine Master.


Letter 1

... Must be accepted a challenge?


In one of his articles, Sensei writes about a man can not lack the courage to accept the challenge of an opponent. "I think the same, but now there are people who carry guns to a fight, involving groups of lynching and their families in these conflicts.
Even with these risks, you must accept a challenge?

Sosai Repond:

There is a story about it.

A Taoist priest taught his disciple the DO, the Way of Life. The disciple asked many questions.

When asked his disciple:

The priest told him ... ... ... ... ... ... ....
Near them was a horse on a nearby road. This horse was known to be very wild and attacked everyone who passed by her side. A Bushi (Warrior) walked by this and the horse kicked him. Then the bushi a jump away, and dodging the kick and went his way.
Another bushi walked across the road, avoid being beaten by the horse, the third bushi walked a long detour to give away the horse.

The Taoist asked his disciples: Of these three, who holds the highest level of expertise?.

The disciple said: I think the first one to dodge the kick of the horse.

The Taoist replied: That is not the case. Is one that avoids as much as possible away from the horse.

What do you think of this story?
Confucius said to be walking the Do of greatness. Do not walk in dark places. Stay away smelly places. Always walk in ways large and bright. If you decide to live with good posture, do not walk around dark, smelly places. I think you probably understand what I mean.

Letter 2

¿Muay Thai, the martial art world's strongest?

OSU, Sosai:

Some time ago while reading a book of martial arts, reads as follows: Muay Thai, the martial art world's strongest. I, as a person who believes that Kyokushin Karate is the martial art world's strongest, I feel a great dissatisfaction in this regard. Still, based on my own experience, I thought it would be some weakness in Kyokushin Karate. Obviously, during actual combat, a Kyokushin fighter probably direct their fists to the head of his opponent, taking care of yourself from the attacks to the face by his opponent. However, competitors in Kyokushin tournaments are heavily focused on winning, and because the outcome of facial attacks ignore during training, this would not cause some weakness? ". You probably advised to competitors
working on this, but I do not think that everyone is fully prepared for these attacks. For this reason, what do you think about proposing a new rule in tournaments where the wrestlers wear any gloves and allow fists to the face? You can create some complications for the use of gloves, but I think the ultimate goal is more important.
Indeed Kyokushin Karate is supreme in its spirit and power, but it is a complication that tournament rules put a stop in the area of technical matters related to certain types of attacks and defenses?

Sosai Repond:

It is a very good question directly in its ground and essence, but to respond fully to respect, I must speak first of the details, such as it is I created Kyokushin Karate, their quarrel, philosophy and various experiences I have lived before that current rules were developed. So yes they are within reach, I'd like to read the books I've written so you can understand a few things such as my personal concept of Karate and it should be.

Karate is Budo, first of all, which must be fought only with empty hands and feet, without putting anything in your body. This is the central precept of Karate. Kyokushin Karate must hit directly to his opponent only with hands and feet. This is why it is often called Kyokushinkai style DAGEKI CHOKUSETSU.
Gloves if used, would not be Chokusetsu Dageki. It would then be an indirect style of full contact, but do not know if there is such a definition. When the bodies of a man and his opponent directly impact one another, is called Chokusetsu Dageki. It is questionable whether a match should be called Chokusetsu Dageki when wearing gloves or masks.
You may think it is trivial to discuss whether or not gloves are worn. However,
when you start to wear gloves for any reason, the same will take you to wear head protection. Then follows the body, then the feet and so on, making karate moves away from its central precept.
Secondly, I do believe that there may be some competitors who only trained for tournaments which are not allowed hits to the face. While there may be some competitors who are weak in the face attack. But it concludes that only do a portion of what is Kyokushin Karate. If you really want to practice Kyokushin Karate seriously, starting with the training of Kihon, will be able to defend against attacks to the face. This is the essence of the Kihon. Yes Kihon is left aside and only coaching techniques in order to win a tournament, really have weakness in defending against attacks to the face, like you said. Kyokushin Karate is organized structurally Kihon, Ido, Kata, Kumite and Jiyu Kumite Yakusoku, so it is important to train all full.
Third, I ask, "you have ever fought in a tournament in Kyokushin?.
You say just to be allowed hits to the face, but let me tell you about the intensity of experiencing these competitors. All kinds of SHIAI is such that to combat competitors accepted rules.
Fourth, there must be someone who will say that Muay Thai is the strongest. Also others say that Judo is the strongest, or Kendo, or Boxing, etc.. Such opinions still exist in the world of Karate, and each proclaimed that this or that is stronger than Kyokushin. There are several criteria which, as you hear them, beginning to believe that Karate Kyokushin Karate was indeed the weakest in the world.
Still, continually proclaim loudly that karate is the strongest form of martial arts and Karate Kyokushin is the strongest. This is my belief and quarrel, having spent my whole life and holding numerous battles against other fighting styles.
Kyokushin is a group of gods or something, so there are mistakes, and within an organization that is growing every day with its practitioners, there are also people looking for other ways to what is Karate. They also appear to have forgotten that competitors Kyokushin Karate is Budo. Although I can teach these guys what they think is wrong, I can not tie string around their necks and force everyone to become Masutatsu Oyama.

Letter 3

... I think I need the Budo


I have 17 years. He attended high school, but due to a situation and I'm not studying, and I am jobless. I've started to hate my way of being. I can not continue. I discipline my lonely spirit and give a fresh start to my life. To distract myself, I think I need the Budo, particularly Kyokushin Karate.
Although I have a strong will, I've never practiced any type of sport and I have no confidence in myself to do Karate. I would like to advise me.


What do you think of this? Become Uchideshi.
Yes Uchideshi you become after you graduate and three years to pursue a discipline, you will become a great man. This I assure you. As some things can not be achieved alone, being with others, pressing each other, one may be required harder.
If others can do this, you will too. Not how serious you are about it, and if you have plans for the future, so I'm not sure if this is the answer to your question.
But why do not you become Uchideshi? a spirit like yours and live the Karate-Do. Yes have the guts, you can make.

Letter 4

Yoshida Sensei ... on Kotaro.

OSU, Sosai

Oyama Sensei writes in one of his books called The Occult of Kyokushin Karate, on Kotaro Yoshida Sensei. I read with great enthusiasm, but would like to know more about Yoshida Sensei.

A SHIHAN Kotaro Yoshida Sensei (Teacher) of Shiragi Saburo Takeda Ryu Yawara (Japanese form of Karate). It was also Ani Deshi (disciple Mayor) of Morihei Ueshiba Sensei, the founder of Aikido, and he began his style called Daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu.
It was only two years I met Sensei, and then it was only by correspondence, so do not know much about him personally.
Those teachers who are known as extraordinary as they practice, and Yoshida Sensei was one of them. He could catch a fly with a pair of chopsticks, but to attain such a level should be trained a long time. Sensei used to wear the traditional kimono and her hair long. He also wore a Tessen (war fan). When I used to come to my house, screaming TANOMOH, TANOMOH (traditional way of saying sorry) at the entrance. And in a loud voice said: This Mr. Oyama home?.
Even when he sat, holding his Tessen vertically with your arm elevated. This was 30 years ago, and when I held my daughter as her granddaughter, she was frightened and began to mourn.
It was a good teacher. I learned from him the keys inverse techniques limbs. I also learned self-defense techniques for women, using a parasol, and Bojutsu Jojutsu. These were important elements to complete my own Karate.
Sensei handed me Menkyo Kaiden. Although at that time and did not give that kind of distinction, is the only thing that proves my relationship with Yoshida Sensei.
In 1962, I sent a long letter, and we meet again, before he died. In the letter, expresses his thoughts about the meaning and essence of becoming an art teacher.
It was a letter from the heart I can say is concerned with achieving a high level of expertise. Still can not forget how much that touched me and inspired this letter. The moment you hear of his death, I realized the ultimate goal of the letter was entrusted, as a Bujin (Female martial arts), the Japanese Budo for the rest of the world.
When I remember Sensei, I feel that I have been entrusted with a mission of faith bring Budo and Bushido in Japan to a level higher, and spread it throughout Japan and worldwide.

Letter 5

... Regarding Oyama Dojo


Although I'm just a fan of Kyokushin Karate, I have read many stories about the style, is particularly striking me as regards the Oyama Dojo, the predecessor to the current Kyokushin Kai Kan.
Could you tell me something about Oyama Dojo, the types of training that is performed, its relation to other styles and their own impression about it?


What I remember most about those days of Oyama Dojo is the strong disciples had. Taketoki Kurosaki, Masashi Ishibashi, Eiji Yasuda ... There were several very strong, but especially Haruda was Ichiro, who became famous with the series of flip books BAKA Ichidai KARATE, where it is called Shohgo Ariake.
At that time, was just 17 years, measured 1.83 meters., And weighed about 85 kg of weight. Nobody could completely block their powerful kicks. Eiji Yasuda, who at that time was the best on the excellent performance of the techniques, I was so amazed that said, I've never seen anyone as strong as him. The workouts were different from those of today, such as making and Kihon Ido the same time. Today we Kihon Sanchin position, which we did not do in those days. They started to do in Sanchin as he began to increase the number of students in the small dojo.
In those times of Oyama Dojo, only 15 people per class attended, which allowed us to do and Kihon Ido the same time. Each item was included in Kihon Ido. After warming up, we started with the training of Ido.
At present we do in Zenkutsu Ido Dachi, but at that time we did it in Zenkutsu Dachi, Kokutsu Dachi, Neko Ashi Dachi, Sanchin Dachi, Kiba Dachi, and other positions. After we performed Ido rotation, but usually finalizábamos in Kiba dachi.
The training was conducted three times a week, two were for a focused Kihon and Kumite. After warming and some of Ido, it was beginning to Kumite, which was what is now known as Contact Facial. In this type of contact will be beaten with fists but with the palms of the hands. Because they beat with the palms, all fighting with open hands, making it easier to block, catch, and hit, but also easily injured. The fingers were broken, and sometimes the palms were cut. I think this happened to many people at that time.
Based on these experiences, are now instructed to be fought with fists clenched. Yet when this becomes a habit, it is difficult to correct.
Never belong to a specific style such as Goju Ryu Wado Ryu or. Us
NIHON called them OYAMA KARATE DO DOJO, but there was a style known as NIHON RYU KARATE DO.
Soon the disciples began to say Llamémonos as a way of Ryu (school system). So we took a Budo poem that says: Be Shosin (Heart beginner) after one thousand days. Being Kyoku (guide) after ten thousand days.
Joined the character to the word Shoshin Kyoku, resulting in Kyokushin, and all agreed. However, they said it was not good to have a name similar to a Yakuza group. So we changed the character Shin (Heart) by Shin (Truth) and that is how the name of Kyokushin was created.


Letter 6

... Yes Kyokushin absorb techniques, would be stronger than it already is!


I always wanted to practice some type of martial art after an interest in Chinese Kempo, through Jacky Chan movies I saw when I was little. I could not continue because of opposition from my parents, so I continued studying on my own, reading several books on Kempo Chinese, especially those books Oyama sensei.
Regarding what I've read about Chinese Kempo, appears to include a variety of styles, from the practical to some like a dance.
Even with the styles that seem very practical, is strongly based in the Kata. At the moment I started reading his books, I realized this was the true Budo was looking for. However, Chinese Kempo techniques I've seen have more variety than those of Karate, and within these techniques, there are some that can be considered excellent.
Karate Kyokushin I think is the strongest martial art. One reason is that freely absorbed the best of other styles, but I do not think there techniques directly imported from Chinese Kempo. I believe there are several techniques, such as kicking leg sweeps carriers and, yes Kyokushin absorbs them, would be stronger than it already is.
I apologize for writing a review so arrogant. Please excuse me, it is my wish to contribute to the development of Kyokushin.



Cuando se retrocede en la historia del Karate, se puede observar que está conectado con el Kempo Chino en muchas formas. El documento más antiguo que se ha escrito al respecto en forma detallada es el NIHON SHOKI, donde se describe el combate entre Nominosukune y Taimanokehaya en el siglo 4. También existe un mural, un dibujo referente al Kempo llamado SHUHAKU, hecho durante el mismo periodo de tiempo en la nación de Kokuri. Es el mismo Kamae ( postura ) en Karate.
En base de estos datos, existe una prominente teoría de que el origen del Karate proviene de las tribus de Mongolia, y que el Kempo Chino se desarrolló bajo la influencia del Kempo Mongol; y con los movimientos suaves característicos del sur del continente, numerosas formas de kempo Chino fueron creadas.
En Japón, Kempo se convirtió en Sumo, disminuyendo su capacidad de golpeo. Aquí es donde entra el Kempo Chino, llamándose YAWARA en Japón, y KARA-TE en Okinawa. Kyokushin Karate está basado en ambos, al tiempo que absorbe aspectos de otras artes marciales, convirtiéndose en un arte mundial de Kempo. Como puede ver, el Kempo ha sido una gran influencia.
Sí observa la historia del Karate, el linaje de las técnicas de Karate, en su origen, provienen del Kempo Chino. La relación es que el Kempo Chino es originalmente influenciado por el Kempo Mongol.
La técnica de barrer la base ( piernas ) que usted menciona se llama ASHI KAKE WAZA en Karate, y esta técnica también existe en Kyokushin, siendo utilizada continuamente en los combates. Las patadas aéreas destacan y representan a Kyokushin Karate, lo que me lleva a pensar que probablemente usted no ha visto los torneos de Kyokushin.
También puede decirse que tal vez usted ha elevado al imagen del Kempo Chino a través de películas. Es posible ejecutar una variedad de técnicas intrincadas, ó lo que parecen ser técnicas, que pueden ser diseñadas de la forma que usted se imagine. La cuestión es sí usted puede utilizarlas en Kumite y en combates reales; aún sí usted ve que se ejecutan en combates reales, surge la pregunta sí estas técnicas pueden ó no derribar al oponente.


Letter 7

There is no reason to hurry.

OSU, Masutatsu Sosai OYAMA

I write this letter because I want to ask about the training in Kyokushin Karate. I have 15 years of age, and I think I should decide my future and goals that way, which is to be strong in Kyokushin Karate, and follow all my life. The meaning of the word safe should be different for each person. To me, it's become a champion of Kyokushin and being the second Masutatsu Oyama. Think many people think the same.
But Sensei says in his article The Eyes of Power Fist Karate in the magazine: There is no reason to hurry. It is good to climb the stairs step by step, slowly but surely. I think it's the truth in the sense that it follows this path, will be stronger than most, but for people like myself who want to be strong in my opinion, I think that when it reaches that level, I will retire at the age of wrestling.
Do not attempt to discuss the words of Sosai, but I think to become a second Masutatsu Oyama is speeding, even a day, approaching the level of Sosai. What do you think of my comment?


It's an excellent question, I applaud. And what you say is true, so there is no reason to change.
As I wrote in my article Fist eyes, people begin to get excited from an early age with karate, and are very good in a short time, they also wear out quickly. Opposed to this are those who are called Taiki Bansei. I want people to be Taiki Bansei, as I was. Climbing the stairs step by step, it also means improving step by step safely. A quick example would be to do 100 push-ups with two fingers, no one can do from the beginning. First should be done with fists, then with five fingers and three fingers. As they climb the stairs at the end you can do with two fingers. To make each type of bending takes 3 years to do so in two finger took 10 years. This is what I mean when I say that must climb the stairs safely. Yet it is quick to do pushups in 2 fingers, not only can not do, but may abandon the Karate. Miyamoto Musashi was confronted by a swordsman named Arima Kihei and defeated him with one blow, taking the same age as you have.
Another story closest to us is about a boy who joined the Kyokushin Kai when he was 13, and at 17 entered for the first time in the tournament in Japan, ranking fourth. He is Shokei Matsui, who later became world champion. Certainly there are cases like this, but wants to train Karate life is better than being Taiki Bansei. However, as is your desire, I want to be in excess Masutatsu Oyama. To achieve this, must be a champion, but I also want to see him face a bull. I want to see at least one person who can knock a
bull in a coup. It has been my dream for long. You must be achieved before the age of 30, so I have 15 years to train.

Letter 8

... Constantly annoy me!

SALUDOS, Masutatsu Sosai OYAMA

I am in tenth grade of high school, and in my school there are people who constantly annoy me. At first, I thought my teachers for help, but I want to do something for myself, so I started to train other styles of karate. Yet I have faith in myself after a year of practice.


It's good not to depend on others. It's something respectable. Please do not forget the courage and spirit Shoshin. Now, you have to do is to have confidence in yourself like a man. So you can have that confidence, you start training Kyokushin Karate. Yes you do, you will understand what I mean.
Kyokushin Karate is difficult indeed. It is not a sport, it is Budo. Therefore, while not forget that security and Shoshin, you will definitely succeed.
This is also important for your own future. Yes Kyokushin Karate dominate at some point, I think the opponents began to recede. This is reality.
Shoshin: Heart beginner. Philosophical concept very popular in any of the Japanese arts such as martial arts, tea ceremony and calligraphy, especially for the veterans of this art.

Letter 9


As he met his wife and that means ...?, Sosai
Mrs. Oyama is the older sister of famous actor Katso Fujimaki. As known, and that she means to Sosai?


I met her at the Miss Japan contest held in a ballroom after the war. Was third in the competition. Among the judges was Kikuchi Sensei. I casually passed nearby and decided to go. It is now that I can say that for me, my family are gods.
I think I owe to my family that I am now. For example, do not return home for five, six years while training in the mountains. Typically, a wife would divorce and marry another man. But she waitin 'for me.
It seems that your family and friends gathered to say: He is crazy, so there is no case for you to wait. We take care of the child to marry another man.
Obviously, for a man who is married and has one child, then goes to the mountains for six years without writing a letter. However, she continued: Oyama is not dead, he lives. Although I'm crazy, I'm the mother of his child, so is it not obvious that you wait for him? Some days her fever will be cured. She called my Karate training Fever without disease. And I hope for me for six years. That is why soften me when I'm with my family.
Fortunately, my wife tells me now:
Karate never thought you would come to this!

Charter 10

¿Kyokushin is the strongest?


You often tell us: Of all the martial arts, karate stronger; of all styles of karate, Kyokushin is the stronger. What is meant by the word STRONG?. It means that the rules of a Kyokushin tournament are as close to actual combat?. And if it were a real fighter, a practitioner of Kyokushin not lose?.
It is virtually impossible to ensure that a particular martial arts style is the strongest?.
Even if the best fighter wins in style to another in a different style, such is not the result of individual effort and without determining which style is stronger. Sosai says: There is only one difference between Kyokushin and other styles. Kyokushin has scolded (conviction).
So you should not say Kyokushin KARATE IS THE BIGGEST rather than the strongest?


One of my earliest disciples was a very cultured man who was and excellent
conversationalist. If you started a conversation about Chinese Wushu styles,
particular styles of Chinese boxing, no one spoke much as he did. He had also published a number of books. I had read a lot and was well informed, to the point of seeming to know everything. Still referring to Japanese Kendo, his knowledge was abundant.
Was developed some time ago a conversation between this man, a known writer of novels and I swordsmen, he knew more about Kendo, the famous writer. At one point in the conversation, he told the man:
You're still young, so why not experience it? If you do not experience, people do not recognize what you know, he said, advising.
Yes this man had a fight against a practitioner of a Chinese style, never happened; was not good at Karate, nor in actual combat. It is never convincing as someone says something that has never done. I would say the same thing. You have to experiment to make a number of evaluations, I seriously hear a review based on actual experience, after having said:
So it hurts I get a fist or a kick. In fact, there are many cards that keep coming, saying that this style and that they have facial contact, this and that wearing masks, Kyokushin is weak in the face attacks, etc. Especially these people who write me these letters usually have never experienced pain.
One who enters the tournament several times, that is aware of its weaknesses and strengths does not say such things. Usually this happens as a result of only theorize logically, product knowledge have read books and listen to some conversation. Determine which is the strongest, the best or the most wonderful, is something I want to evaluate on the basis of current experience. You write that winning a tournament is a product of personal effort, and indeed, as you say, personal effort is the most important element, but can not be achieved only with this. Win all the battles and get to the top depends additionally a good instructor, having learned the correct form of Karate, natural talent and luck of the moment. The effort is obviously important, but every effort is made with a bad instructor is trained or incorrectly, that it should be a strong fighter may not be. In this regard, Kyokushin has very good instructors, and has the most effective and correct way of training to make a person stronger. Has all the elements and environments to be strong. Additionally, another important element is to have strong opponents to stimulate and discipline each other within the organization. Because the number of practitioners is great, the strong will to excel. Students train with blood and sweat with conviction while practicing Karate Oyama stronger than Masutatsu founded, will become stronger. That is why so many strong fighters out of Kyokushin Kai Kan.
In a group of crows, ravens only unite. "An eagle would join a group of crows? Would join a group of eagles. Why? The eagles come together because they are stronger. Having a strong group of fighters is another basis for stronger fighters emerge.
For half a century I have lived with only karate, experimenting with my own body. I have often mentioned that games against other fighting styles. It is through these meetings that I have developed Kyokushin Karate. That is why I say that Kyokushin Karate is the strongest, and tell my disciples to get to me. It is my belief and quarrel that Kyokushin is the strongest. Although it is easy to say 50 years., Is a long time, during which I've only been devoted to karate. And yes I would have thought that Karate is not the strongest, probably would have resigned.
If you still think that Kyokushin is the strongest, I can not help it.

Charter 11

Kyokushin Karate has not overcome the specter of street fighting!

DEAR Sosai Masutatsu OYAMA

It has been six months since I started practicing a non-contact style of Karate. At the beginning I had the privilege of studying Kyokushin Karate, but because my father had practiced a style of Karate SUDOME Dojo was invited to that now belong. Recently I saw a Kyokushin Karate tournament on TV. The notice was in the fighting strength had not seen in other styles of Karate, and it left me impressed. The power, speed, art, spirit and intensity of each competitor moved me deeply, and in that moment I felt the need to learn this style to have such strength, power and humility, I think
which is what I've always wanted. But our Dojo Sensei says: "Kyokushin Karate has not overcome the specter of street fighting. I feel sorry for students who have been taught this way. "
I was disappointed that Kyokushin Karate, which I have always respected, was so criticized. What is the authentic image of Karate, as is the true way of someone strong?.
In the future I would like to have the privilege to train in a Kyokushin Dojo
Karate. But I worry that being a practitioner of Karate Sudome, be physically able to follow the training.


What is the difference between looking and Karate that you practice now?, Is something you watch and decide. In making this decision, under your responsibility, it is best to justolo you think.
As for what does your Sensei, it seems to be feared more individuals who are ignorant. It is they who should feel bad. I have never considered that the Sudome Karate is bad, but through my experience, I have concluded that the lack of contact is not the strongest way of Karate, is where I started Karate Chokusetsu Dageki way. That is why I do wonder what the true form of karate, I will answer proudly that Karate is Budo, the style of full contact Karate Chokusetsu Dageki.
Yes Kyokushin Karate is only in the spectrum of street fighting, is something you decide for yourself. What is that feeling sorry for students who are taught?.
No one is forced to learn, and many students pay to attend and train at the Dojo. This happens in Japan and worldwide. They are not being taught, but they are learning. Anyone can quit if you get tired but every year more flowers Kyokushin Karate. As I always say: No practice can not be proven without evidence can not be trusted, without trust there is no respect. Musashi followed the Way of the Sword by duels to the death against many experts from the sword, and beat them all, proving its strength. That is why the Book of Five Circles is reliable, making it a masterpiece for centuries. Assuming that the Book of Five circles have been written without the experience of combat, no one would give due recognition. Determine whether or not to follow the training so do not worry. Neither worry about
have practiced a non-contact style of karate, because I also practiced.

Charter 12

DEAR Sosai

"... He believed to be the strongest swordsman in history?

Since you constantly mention the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, who do you think is the strongest swordsman in history? In my opinion there would be none other than Miyamoto Musashi, although there have been other notorious swordsmen such as Bokuden and muramic Kurando Tsukahara, who are known as ESPADASDIVINAS. Some of them could keep up with Musashi.
Referring to Tsukahara, maybe I could beat Musashi in a fight today, but the reason I say that Musashi is the strongest swordsman in Japan is because said games against opponents of almost all styles of fighting and different types of weapons, beat them all. There has been no one who has created a sword combat tactics as variable and changing, in addition to having written the Book of the Five Circles and structure their own philosophy of the Way of the Sword.
Today, some hundred years after his time, our way of life has been enriched but spirituality has declined. Perhaps now is the time in which the Bushido becomes a necessity for everyone. There was still the spirit of Bushido in people 120 years ago. The samurai of that time were in adolescence (15-20 years old) and risked their lives, living with honor, principles and beliefs to build a new as it was Mejia. What do you think?
Anonymous (18 years)


It is true what you have written, according to Miyamoto Musashi Sensei, it is true that there is nobody like him. He also had a great teacher as was the monk Takuan. Musashi was confined and isolated in Hiroshima for three years. During this period of his life, he studied literature in a rigorous manner. The monk Takuan said, you are very strong indeed, but there is no soul within you. Thereafter, Musashi was following the Way of the Sword and the end wrote the Book of Five Circles.
Today, not only in Japan but around the world, the name of Miyamoto Musashi is well known. Your book has been published in America, and even in Korea, the Eiji Yoshikawa novel of MUSAHI has been read by many young people. It is admirable not only for his strength and dominion of the sword, but also to convey their knowledge to future generations through their writings. As I always say: No practice there is no evidence, without proof there is no trust, without trust there is no respect. Musashi actively practiced the Way of the Sword by fighting to the death with numerous experts of the Sword, defeating them all, and proving
their strength and skill. That is why the book or five circles is reliable and it has become a masterpiece for centuries. If we say that the Book of Five Circles was written without Musashi lacked the combat experience, nobody would give recognition it has today. I see no error in what you said. During the Meiji Restoration, Samurai were younger who participated and helped start the new era of Japan, as well as he has youth on any historical fact, risking his life with his devotion and passion for change and nations. Tokugawa Ieyasu had planned that his government would not last 300 years but only 500 or 1,000 years. However, around the end of the Tokugawa era, adults clung to his authority, meeting and discussing, while young
practiced. They thought that if the situation continued, Japan would be destroyed by other nations, then something should be done and decided to put it into practice immediately. Thus was born the new era. When the world is about to change is always the energy of youth that drives these changes.

Charter 13

Ueshiba and Takeda had techniques, movements and skills that were at the level of the divine Master.

DEAR Sosai:

I'm a big fan of Kyokushin Karate. Since I read books on the teacher Sokaku Aikijujutsu Daito Takeda and Morihei Ueshiba of Aikido, I would ask about these two well-known martial arts masters.
With regard to Aikido, I read in one of his books, where you refer to this as a dance martial art of Karate. It may be so if we talk about modern Aikido but I think that Ueshiba and Takeda had techniques, movements and skills that were at the level of the divine Master. If you and they were in his prime and held a meeting, would it not still formidable opponents?. I think you understand what I can tell, and
style you learned in his youth Aikijujutsu Daito with Yoshida Kotaro.
Anonymous. (16)


Although I never met Sokaku Takeda Sensei, I had a friendship with Ueshiba Sensei. I also learned a lot from Yoshida Sensei. I can say that both teachers were really strong.
Long ago, when he visited Eiji Yoshikawa Sensei, he said, Oyama Shihan, was born too late in this world adding that it had been born at the time of Miyamoto Musashi, have rivaled
with him. When I met Shijiro Ogawa, known as Jinsei Gekijoh said: Shihan Oyama, yes you were born in the Tokugawa era, have struggled with Kiyomasa Kato. Kiyomasa Kato was a famous general known for the Issuance of the Tigers. Jokingly he added: At least the Tigers have faced.
I have seen the movements and Yoshida Sensei Ueshiba Sensei. Still, if my response is not able to reply your question. simply because I never had a chance to face them but I can say that Judo and Aikido are no match for karate. This is what I want to make Him known. One of my Sempai was a Judo master named Masahiko Kimura. In Judo, someone there has never been as strong as him. Such was his mastery of the art of Judo is often said that no mae no Kimura Kimura nashi, Kimura Kimura no ato no nashi (Before Kimura, no Kimura. After Kimura, no Kimura).
In the 30s, were three men who were called The Three Fearless, and these Masahiko Kimura, PISTON Horiguchi Futabayama Boxing and Sumo. Futabayama never met in person, but I had a great friendship with Kimura and Horiguchi. I recognize how strong were these men and respect them enormously. Once I stopped the hands and walk with three fingers against Kimura, leaving him quite surprised to see this. He was a visionary in the art of Judo, Karate but was no match for me.

Sokaku Takeda Sensei was the teacher of Ueshiba Sensei and Sensei Yoshida. It is said that forced a foreign giant, which caused riots in a train, asked for mercy while Sensei seized him by the throat and threw him on the train. The development of this force is relative to that required for head would stop with three fingers. So it was in my best moment in a match against Takeda Sensei, probably would not lose




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