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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Kyokushin Combat

At other times we have talked about the technique and physical ability necessary to meet competition, but how to prepare the mind for such an experience, when we know the sensations seized at that time? .

This article will attempt to relate these feelings, from the standpoint of Kyokushinkai competitor.

By Oscar Noguera.

It is time, we enter the contest area and our first challenge is to control the runaway beating of our hearts, and there is no concept of time, no beginning, no end, there is no outside, only combat.

At that moment, our world is reduced to my opponent and me, "Only in my own limitations encounter the worst of my enemies, nobody else."

The fighting becomes an art in which our mettle and our knowledge will be our best allies. In moments we begin to perceive information from our rival, strengths, weaknesses, habits, his slightest slip or hesitation, will be our trigger for action.

In our face impassive, erase all trace of pain. The slightest hint of it, would allow such advantages to our hand. The only information we project is our look of determination, "We will fight to the limit of our strength."

Nothing is prepared beforehand, there is no deliberate techniques, we adapt to the physical and technical characteristics of our adversary.

Our unpredictable and lethal moves are executed without the slightest hesitation, the thousands of repetitions of our training, our thoughts cause reflex actions.

Already immersed in the fullness of the battle appears a thought in our mind, what we do there? Why put up with a smile, those blows that make us shudder? Why at this point of exhaustion, do not we step back and accept defeat?

I think for any fighter these answers are simple.

The warrior daily workouts to prepare for these moments, your mind and body react with the same thinking to the extreme tiredness and pain, another series, another blow, another step ...

Each and every one of shock and suffering received so far, have been designed to this point, remove from your mind any thought of defeat and persist.

In those moments where the karateka exceeds its own limitations, he feels Victorious, do not mind the outcome of the battle has already achieved the greatest of victories, strengthen their inner strength.

The strength of a karate lies not in its physical capacity, their real power comes from his perseverance and his desire to excel in all aspects of your life.

If you have the good fortune to find a lifestyle that you love,
Find the courage to live it.
John Irving

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