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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Matsutatsu Oyama and his habit of shaving the head

For some time Mas Oyama's friends knew of his eccentricities, were aware of their desire for self improvement. One day they met as usual in a Tokyo park, seeing him get noticed that his head was completely shaved.

Mas! What happened?, Are you going to withdraw to a monastery to study Zen?

But he remembered his days of childhood, noting his head free of hair. It was like returning to be that child who is ready to open new learning.

You see - he laughed -. I think it's time to take a new direction. I'll go to the mountains to study my karate background. I do not see again until my hair grows back, and I get to the shoulders.

While friends were joking But they knew that when he made a decision, was able to overcome any challenge.

After a couple of days, But by his backpack and began his adventure in search of a secluded location in full nature.
It was dusk and saw a grove in the midst of this there was a clearing. It seemed a good place to set up camp. The bright moon seemed to welcome, and the noise of a nearby waterfall, gave him a sense of tranquility.

As a cold spring morning, notice the environment and nature was offered material to start their training. First chose a young tree to start its work hardening. Standing in kumite position, bending your knees and focusing on their goal, throw in a circular motion with his leg, hitting the trunk with the warm front of him. The impact made him tighten his jaws, to stifle the cry of pain. He realized that his preparation would be hard and demanding to achieve his goal.

"I have to work much harder than I thought."

The waterfall near the camp, also was part of his conditioning. As she meditated every day, enduring the harsh impact of his fall, controlling the numbing cold muscles.
The days passed and the more I wanted to seize every moment to be improving. The heat that now reigned again be another option to meet new challenges.

I think today the temperature will rise enough - he told himself as his body was covered with sweat. I have to continue and prepare for when winter comes.

Every day one of his routines was running, the floor was covered with a white coat, but this was no impediment to vary their work. At the end of the road was the waterfall, it was introduced and practiced their skills of fist, banging against the wall that came down in liquid. His will and strength were increasing daily.

Your environment the material supplied him enough to seek the daily challenge. - I have to get to the top of that big rock - it was said, knowing that the frozen snow was something that would lead to destabilizing in each movement.

His jumps and drives to go up the rock, were not always the result we wanted, falls and blows they tested your perseverance. But their movements increasingly improved in stability, until I reach the top. Not content with this again sought the top over and over again, dominating their safety and movement. Achieved this goal served to find rocks larger and more extreme challenges.
Running through the woods found a sufficiently flat rock, where would practice his punches. Before hitting directly on stone began to condition his fists. First hitting on wet ground, after practice at pebbles. He found a fallen tree trunk, using it as makiwara. Months went by, his hands and feet turned in strong clubs with tanned skin and calloused.

Her hair was growing where before there was a head without hair, now I had to fend off the face.

The daily practice of hitting the flat rock was becoming a ritual, it looked a more polished, more nails right where your knuckles.

Strong, strong, stronger - this constant thought kept him focused.

Crac!, Felt a little sound and his fist was not. I stare at the rock, noting that the flat was no longer such a small crack marked the place where most impacted his fists. This encouraged him to continue, increasing its power at each impact. Do not believe his eyes, the rock split in two.

Because it happened to me, if I do not think have to break a rock with his fists!

But spending a few days decided to return to Tokyo, collected her belongings and return to civilization.

In a Tokyo bar were his friends, they came to a man with a backpack and long hair was coming towards them.

More? Is that you? - This shows a smile made a sign, confirming its success.

The days passed and there was more prepared to compete entered in the first championship of Karate in Japan. But watching the competitors who were to participate, coming from all over the country. The success was assured, the most renowned fighters of the nation would be rivals.
But now with the long hair he had to collect and form a queue, to avoid that this prevented him from seeing their adversaries.
The fighting was confirmed that he had observed a high level karate, perhaps as good as yours.

Will I be adequately prepared to deal with these warriors? - He asked to see them fight.

His friends shoved - But you are calling from the central table. This was quickly assigned a mat for his first fight. While waiting for their turn began to heat up.

The referee gave the signal to enter the mat. But you placed on your site and conducted the ritual greeting his opponent. At the start signal was placed on guard, raising his arms and legs flexed for stability. The adversary kumite adopted its position. They began to move around each other, looking for the opportunity to start the attack. But he noticed the approach of his opponent, took time to make a feint with the front leg and behind his fist forcefully rope. The technique penetrated with such force that I hear a crunch. The opponent was digging collapsed on the floor knees, eyes wide and mouth open, trying to breathe. The audience was taken aback by the speed of execution and forceful, just the fight had lasted a few seconds.

When leaving the tatami, co-Mas surrounded him, congratulating him on his domain. But this was not convinced.

My performance was not perfect, my breathing was not well balanced.
Come See - told a friend - have not seen or that has caused the technical KO

The fighting was going on. The rumor that involved a fighter with an unusual effect was especially attractive to the tournament. His battles were counted by KOs, the opponents did not reach the end of the allotted time. This young man of 24 years Karateca was sweeping all of its opponents.
Came the final and there was more. This was placed at the mark on the mat, waving to the referee and his opponent. The order of onset of combat adopted its stance, his eyes watching the enemy, any small detail could make a big advantage. But he perceived that the opponent was relying too much on their mobility and therefore a guard was weak. Oyama At that time he made a small shift to the right to push to the opposite side and hit a hook to the ribs with his left fist. The adversary hoist a face and bend the trunk But I take time to hit a hook with his right fist. This sequence was repeated twice more, something which caused the enemy to come down the guard, ideal time to raise that leg in a circular motion and impact on the opponent's head. The man collapsed, and although it was impossible trying to join, But the blows were devastating. The referee declared the winner Masutatsu OYAMA.

I have to improve, he could have done much better - But his friend said. While they were meeting as usual in his park.
But we've left all surprised by your work - I answered his friend.
The tournament has been positive - Mas answered -. But I've realized that I still need further improvement. Opponents have lasted me too, I have to search more effectively.
More effective? - Exclaimed his friend - when you destroyed in the most prestigious tournament in Japan. No doubt you're the best fighter in the country.
I guess - Mas replied with a grimace like a smile.

The next day they would be celebrating his victory in the restaurant where they were accustomed to meeting.
They were laughing and commenting on the stories of the tournament, speaking of small plans for the future, marking time until they came into being.
Finally saw through the window, as I was coming. Upon entering the restaurant, sat down with the group. All stared at Mas had shaved his head again!
What More? Do not tell me ....?
That's right - Masutatsu said before that his friend finish the sentence - I return to the mountain.

Oyama Masutatsu legend continued to grow.

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