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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Oyama Matsutatsu Sosai Speech - 1978

On May 10, 1978, in Nara, ancient capital of Japan, Sosai spoke at a public seminar, in which many prominent people throughout Japan were invited to intervene. As in all his speeches, spoke Sosai without the aid of notes and without planning. The speech lasted two hours.

"I'm not the type of person who usually gives speeches at major events, and I think maybe I could do a Karate demonstration, rather than talk, so everyone will be satisfied, for all I know is Karate.

Again, I am not a politician nor a good speaker, I'm not a businessman nor a leader. I'm just a karateka, so I will talk about Karate. "

"The Karate came from Okinawa in the late nineteenth century, and was Funakoshi Sensei who introduced him to Japan, making it very popular. But in Japan there was already a martial art known as Jiu Jutsu, which was developed from Kopp. Koppo became Yawara, Yawara became Jiu Jutsu, and this in turn in Judo, Karate and Aikido.

Judo is focused on the grips, chokes and detentions on the floor. Originally divided into two systems:

Kodokan Judo in Tokyo and specialized releases.

Butokukai Judo in Kyoto and specializing in fixed assets in the ground.

However, the Butokukai was strongly influenced by the Japanese right-wing party. It was eventually banned by General MacArthur after the Second World War.

Before the war, and the Kodokan Butokukai held an annual competition. This was the best time of Japanese Judo, growing rapidly and becoming known internationally.

I think many people know about the development of Judo, but how increased Karate ...? Kyokushin Kai Kan now has dojos in 96 countries (this article is written in 1978), but had not originally planned to open dojos in other countries.
When the economic situation became untenable and I could not eat in Japan was when I accepted the proposal of a Butokukai instructor, and traveled to the United States. Yes I could have stayed in Japan, none of this had happened and my life would be very different. Anyway, I saw a world that knew karate.
In the 30 years that have passed since that time, Karate has grown significantly.
Why Karate became popular quickly? There are two reasons:

- Though Karate training is hard and is a long way, it's easy to learn in a shorter time than Judo or Aikido.
- No need to seize or immobilize the opponent.

When I was young during the Second World War, I was attending Takushoku University. I also attended daily at a karate dojo to train. The instructor told me that lately I had become very strong, and indeed was very confident he could beat anyone with my fist. He had gained more power in all my techniques of Karate, and when you hit someone with my fist, flying 30 cm. back and fell to the ground.

At that time, my ego grew and saw my Sempai as inferior, (when you're in good shape, go to the other over his shoulder) but an instructor told me that although I had become very strong in only one year training, also my ego had grown up. I felt inside me that could beat this old man with one blow and you look at it with disdain. He said it took three years to learn how to seal the fist, three years on improving posture and three years in power to the fist, so if you want to master Karate, it was not enough to just one year of training, but take at least nine years. But still thought my karate was better, in truth, my ego was too big. Soon after, I went to the army and when he returns from the war, unfortunately, my teacher had died.

30 years have passed and people call me the Master of Karate or the God of Karate. But I'm only human, and I now realize how important things are simple and form a fist; aspects that could not consider before. I found that the more study, there are more things to learn and apply.

A person who studied Karate for only three months, you can use effectively with those 3 months of training. Karate is very useful, but mastering it is very difficult now I have 55 years and I still wonder, What is Karate? Now the world's population is more than 4 billion people, but I would like to know that at least half have heard the word Karate. Karate is an international phenomenon, not only in Japan. I felt this strongly. Japan has become famous in the world economy, but I think the only truth that Japan has to offer the world is Budo.

In the United States and Europe Karate has become very popular, especially among the ladies, who do not like the grips of Judo. The charm of Karate is that both are kept at a distance and approaching it, only one falls. Karate training develops a graceful gait as in Kendo as karateka and judoka walk in the same way. In ancient Japan, a test of Karate was wet rice paper, and walk on it without breaking it. We can determine who are the strongest watching the Olympics, where we see Judo Olympic champions are the strongest. But we can achieve better results through a kind of effort that have nothing to see with the Olympics, despite the doctors qualify such acts as insane.

For example, a monk who was being consumed by fire said he felt no pain or heat while keep his mind blank. I believe in this phenomenon and I've experienced.

A master of Kempo thrust his hands into boiling water. Scientists can not explain these phenomena, yet happen. At this point, scientific knowledge does not cover everything. People ask me which is Kyokushin. A former budoka said 1000 days of training are for the beginner, and 10000 days to reach mastery.




Karate is an art so simple, but the cartoons and movies add exaggerated movements, this is business, as what movies are not always real.
Karate is something simple, but simple tend to get bored, so film producers and owners of Dojos add something spectacular to make money.

Today, young people want everything easy.

But I know the story of a young college professor who took a sabbatical and came to Tokyo to study Kyokushin Karate. He felt that training was repetitive and very hard, with the same techniques repeated thousands of times every day. For him there was a fight against others but against yourself. This is Karate.

Some think that is Kenka Karate Kyokushin (Karate street). At first Kyokushin Karate was known as ill-conceived, then and now street Karate Karate call it real, but I want my Karate Karate is a soul and spirit. Karate has undergone several transformations.

When foreigners knew Japanese people in their countries, related to Judo. However it is practiced Judo develops a bad figure, you injure your face with scars and walking becomes slow. Judokas can not fight a real fight. I think they have seen the Popeye cartoons. In his adventures, Brutus, who is physically more muscular, always loses facing the little Popeye. In the United States saw many people like Brutus, strong and powerful, soft drink bottles could break his arms. Yes a person like this grabs you, surely lose the battle, but their movements are slow and their combat style is to grab and strangle. Perhaps they can be professional fighters but are not effective in actual combat.

Muscular subjects can be seen on the beaches of Miami. The truly strong are thinner and less conspicuous forms. In actual combat, the muscle can not catch the thinner because it is very big and slow, which prevents it from effectively fighting. The Dancers are good fighters, "This is first heard in the U.S..

Sorry if I continue talking about fighting, I hope it is interesting for everyone.

Ballet dancers have slender bodies, strong and walk gracefully, fight to beat. I had a friend who was a ballet dancer and liked to fight. Once we left and began to fight with several opponents. Eventually I went to his aid but at first I just watched impressed rhythmic movements, despite his fist was not closed.

Life has pace, is what makes us feel alive. Those who lose the rhythm of life sick. A good musician can be a good karateka. Even those people who just listen and enjoy music can be good Budokan. Many famous karateka have also been musicians, and I think many budoka can play an instrument.

A person without rhythm can not be good at Karate. Walking into a rhythm, waking up and wash your face with pace and these rates should not be interrupted. Some people break these rhythms because of their work and others seem to have no rhythm at all. Many years ago, was in a town in New Jersey, USA to be a private instructor, a professor of bodybuilding. In the first week, I realized that my student always moved back when I had to move it forward.

I asked him if he liked the music and when I replied that I hated, I apologize and I left, telling him that you can not learn Budo no rhythm.

I have always talked about my travels to the United States. Many Japanese travel there but always encounter problems. The president of the Brazilian Association of Japan, Mr. Fuji, told me that many people felt animosity towards the Japanese because they saw that Japan had become an economic animal. He said as some Japanese had arrived in Brazil, opened a bank and took money from the Brazilians, only to escape half a year later, and also sponsored by several Japanese companies pay low wages. I asked what we could do to erase this negative image and answered himself asking him to send several Japanese karate.

Mr. Fuji think that Karate is truly the best discipline. Judo has a lot of pitches, which is nice, but it is nice to be thrown and cause spinal injuries. The current Judo has many grappling and shoving, and Kendo is needed heavy equipment and expensive. Either way, Mr. Fuji was telling me that Karate is wonderful because you can train alone and is very popular in Brazil. Today Karate is very popular worldwide.

Because karate was influenced by Zen had a bad image. Was the most powerful Judo and Karate was always bad, always associating with gang members and lost in the minds of people, in books and movies.
Fortunately, this image of Karate has changed since the Zen training the spirit, which is the first and most important in Karate, unlike other martial arts. Study in Kodokan Judo and I know what I mean when I say that only Karate starts from and the training of the mind.

The profound relationship between karate and Zen has made him more popular in the world. The Europeans are people who do not believe until you see with your own eyes. Yes you say you can break a bottle of whiskey, they'll tell you to show them how it does.

When I was in America, people insulted me by saying - Kill the Japanese - However, after my art show, forgot their prejudices and follow my path. He broke the neck of 12 bottles in one fell swoop. The long necks of the bottles are easy to break, while the short and wide are difficult as physics.

By demonstrating to an audience, first adjust my breathing (which is the most important thing in Karate) and then break all the bottles continuously, sometimes two or three at a time. All health and respect me because he had shown physical evidence of my words.

The United States has to have conviction in what you do to make people believe you. After that, the fee charged for classes tripled.

The Americans are very interesting, because when you charge a high price as people see more and more respect.

During my trip to France, things did not go very well with the developer and took separate paths. I had no where to go and I slept on a park bench. He could not speak French and my English was not good. In the U.S., the promoter told me not to talk because they believed that the great men of the East did not say anything, so take this advice and unfortunately did not learn much English. Anyway, I started teaching in France, which did not last long, so I started to work breaking bottles in a Bar After a week I was told that this act was not attractive to everyone, so I must change it.

A friend of the Japanese embassy suggested that I walk on my hands. Then my act was to go up and down a spiral staircase with the palms of the hands. It was very difficult especially when low. I was very scared but my big fear was going hungry, that gave me strength to keep going. When I returned to Japan, I told my wife that because of walking on his hands during this time had lost all my hair.

Behind the sport everyone has forgotten the Budo. Japan Now basketball is very popular, all the students like and hope to become professional players. Those who have large and fast running bodies are brought to the basketball club. Many people are crazy about this sport. But basketball is only popular in Japan and the United States, which is why there is a world tournament. Perhaps for this reason the Japanese have not won many medals at the Olympics.

I always ask sports committees in Japan, why not support other sports besides basketball?. Because we forget Budo.

Today I worry about the future of Japanese Karate. I'm not sure we can be the strongest for long. Karate 30 years ago was something new for everyone, but now all countries do Karate. Currently there is not much difference in the knowledge of philosophy and techniques of Karate between Japan and other countries. The Karate today is multi-racial and has received contributions from the different races, it changes from white power to the jumps and agility of the black race. If you are able to guide their training and work harder in Japan will lose a chance with them.


At present the Japanese do not pay much attention to Budo.
Foreigners come to Japan especially to learn karate and spend much of their savings, but the Japanese, who can easily learn it, no bother. But it makes me happy to know that some young people want to train hard. The sport is to enjoy, but the Budo means to be hard on yourself and be strong, both internally and externally. Today many young people are moderate, do not know their own limits or change according to circumstances. So many of them do things that are contrary to human behavior. But for the past three years the situation has improved somewhat. Many new students come to Kyokushin daily, because they seek more demand and a strict disciplined life.

In Japan there are many styles of karate but Kyokushin is the strictest. Being hard on yourself and kind to others, this is the concept of Budo, so I insist that Kyokushin is maintained strictly.

Recently 88 of every 100 of my students write to me asking that the training is strict. 3 years ago, many said they wanted to do Karate at their own pace, as a hobby.

Those who study karate are also studying etiquette and develop good and friendly manners. For a long time the Japanese had many prejudices to the Karate, but Karate is a Budo who studies the spirit, as being.

Even in distant countries are small shrines and greet each other in Japanese style. Maybe you can not believe it but what foreigners want from Japan is not money or technology, they want the spirit of Budo, which is symbolized in Karate, and is the spirit of Kyokushin Karate.

Kyokushin beginner means 1000 days, 10,000 days of reflection, deep. By this I mean that we should be demanding of ourselves and kind to others. The way forward is through Budo.

Today, I can see many students face many difficulties in training and this is very satisfying for me. The fact that training in Kyokushin is hard not to indicate that it is violent. We do not kill anyone in training, something that usually happens in some university clubs and other sports.
I always tell my instructors that are hard on themselves and never to direct their kohai (students) do 1,000 kicks if they do not, if ordered to do 300 abdominal they also must do to avoid becoming lazy and just be tough on others. Today many are soft and hard about themselves with others, they should consider the way of Budo and Karate, which is Kyokushin Karate.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I have a period of self-analysis and criticism.

Who is Masutatsu Oyama? Who am I? I'm not a person with great leadership skills, not a businessman or a politician. So who am I? Bugeisha I'm a person who fights everywhere, always. I am a person who only trains Budo. But even a skilled gunman becomes weak when it ages, and a good horse can not be good forever. What makes a bugeisha when he finds someone stronger than him?

A long time ago talking about Karate against a politician and when he asked me what I would do next in my life and I answered that it would be a monk. As a young man tries to enter a Buddhist temple, but I could not do it at the time. I told him again to the temple as they age and the spirit that would build all the years I have developed and everyone was surprised. Bugeisha I'm not a leader. For me, the spirit is most important.

Musashi Miyamoto wanted to be the modern era. During the war I was lucky not to die but after the war and even now I feel sad for my friends who died. So I began to live for Karate and I guess I'll die for him. I've traveled all over the world and am the head of an international organization.

I, Masutatsu Oyama. I am the director of an international organization. But suddenly, when I woke up and realized the implications and responsibility this would entail, it was too late. Sometimes I wonder because I respect both Miyamoto Musashi. It is because of his strength, he could beat anyone in combat. Learned from him that should win. When fighting, do not think anything else should only fight and win is always, whatever the outcome, you win.


I had a Sempai who deeply respected. Sempai was Kimura, the Judo champion. At the beginning of the war, I was attending Takushoku University because Kimura was studying at the same university. It was like my God at the time and believed he was the Musashi today and wanted to be as strong as him. Unfortunately I was drafted into the army. After the war, I kept in touch with Kimura, to visit his home and was always very attentive to me, taught me many things such as Judo and professional wrestling, when I was in the United States helped me a lot.

However after a few years Kimura change to professional wrestling (moved away from the concept of Budo), lost many battles because of the tricks of the trade, and this brought the audience against him. In this world of the fight before an audience, you should always be the winner. When you win everyone will listen, nobody listens to a loser. After losing no one hears your excuse, whether they are good and valid. Winning is man's way and fighting is their romance.

I respect anyone who shows good spirit in combat. I have great empathy with all fighters. I despise all those who hide and cover themselves, thinking they are rich and powerful. Always respect those who struggle in life. I respect everyone ... Yes I see a student and helps her in every way possible. Young people today only think about graduating from a good college to get a good job, a beautiful wife and a prestige car. They have no fighting spirit, do not try to fight for anything in their lives.

A doctor who was vice chairman of his company came to Tokyo just to train Karate. I take a long vacation and trained hard, was a fighter, if you do not have a fighting spirit, life has no meaning. We must face the challenges and fight, you win always be so.

What if Masutatsu Oyama has lost a fight? Sure, I'm on several occasions. After the war, he attacked a crowd, I managed to get out, but had to be hospitalized and even though I lost I've always learned a lot, always wins.
When I met Mr Ching in Hong Kong I loved his personality and respect it deeply. I was 33 and he was about 70, I'm bald but then, he was older and had more hair than me and weighed about 50 kg Of course I was much younger, stronger and faster but he was a magnanimous man, like an old god.
My head drooped ever was in his presence and he could not look him straight. She had lost him without having done anything at all. He asked me to show him my techniques, I showed him everything he knew, said it was wonderful and dynamic, but something was missing. He said it was like a diamond in the rough and needed pulirme.

I asked him to teach me but he replied that he had nothing to teach, only that he had forgotten the definition, the essence of Karate and my movements were very straight. Drawing a circle and was located within it. He said he was just straight karate aerobics but to defeat an opponent you need power and this is the semi-circle. From that moment, I have taught my students the concept and made it different from other Kyokushin Karate styles.
Life in Kyokushin Karate is Kumite, combat. You can be strong training Karate and I think a lot of people are liking the idea of becoming stronger. Each individual must become strong. If someone wants to join Kyokushin, I take it as my responsibility and duty to teach, but if you can not learn the secrets and knowledge of karate and of itself, by itself, then I can not help.

If you train the same technique 10,000 times then suddenly deemed as the correct technique. This is the way to gain the knowledge of karate and of itself.

There is a popular saying - You can take the cow to the water, but if the cow drink or not depends on it -. Teaching up to me or Sempai, but become strong in spirit and heart, depends on each one. Since ancient times it has believed that the secret techniques are transmitted by the teacher but this is a lie. The secrets and knowledge can not be transmitted by any teacher, is caught with his own hands.

Will you be strong if your parents give you money? No, that depends on you, has nothing to do with their parents have money or not.
Everyone needs air and water to live. If you do not have enough of both, then people began to fight for them. Even if you're rich and have money, you can buy what you want even food, but with air it dies. Money is important but not everything.
Breathing is the most important thing in Karate. We Ibuki in Karate, which is an internally and externally, Ying and Yang, positive and negative. The importance of breathing is illustrated in an ancient Chinese history.

One day a fat man a thin man walking together, when suddenly a bear appeared in the same way. The thin climbed a tree, but the fat man, unable to run or climb trees, he lay on the floor and was dead. The bear came up to inspect had signs of life. The bear roared a few times a fat man's ear as if to say something. When the bear and the thin man was under the tree, I ask the fat man had said the bear, who replied - you have no friends who can not help.

It's a funny story but we stop teaching that even the most dangerous moment should remain calm through controlled breathing, so it was that saved the life of the fat man. Well, I've talked enough. Hope you enjoyed listening and have understood the Karate Karate and through my speech.

I thank you all for your patience and attention.

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