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Anaerobic training in Contact Sports

Any physical activity can be studied and classified on the basis of the prevailing system where the body draws the energy needed to be able to develop the most effective. In the specific case of contact sports, this system is the anaerobic (1), which can be classified in turn into two, which are anaerobic and lactic alactic, depending on whether it produces lactic acid (2) or no, along with the intensity and while maintaining that intensity.

If we see an assault of kickboxing, for example, we note that the fighters should get enough power in each series of blows with the strongest possible throughout the life of your assault (3). All training takes place under these parameters, both in the specific section of kickboxing (AOPs, jacket, gloves ....), and at work físico.Dado conditioning the cardiovascular training is planned based on heart rate, we try to work at a rate such that the body get the energy from that system. This percentage corresponds to 85% of HR max (4) of the subject in question, known as the anaerobic threshold point.

But of course, 85% is high intensity work, and can not be working for a long time, mostly due to that, at that point is when lactic acid starts to accumulate in the body (5) and this, is responsible for the fall of rendimiento.Entonces, how long we will be working at that intensity? therefore depend on the actual working time, the time available for recovery, and the type of activity (kickboxing, judo, grappling, Greco ....) Similarly, if accustomed to the body to continue to get power in adverse conditions, not only improve our performance, if not that, and this is important, with the passage of time and training, the anaerobic threshold, will the 85% to 88% ... 89% (6). That is, we'll make our body can maintain intensity for longer, until the lactate begins to bite.

Once understood the procedure, let's see how we can move to what would be the train all theory.


10 'continuous run at 60%

6seriesx1minuto to 85-88%, active recovery jog 1'30 '
'75% (7)

15 'continuous running at 60%
Total time = 10 '+9' +6' +15' = 40'

(On level ground) Now, we can mix in a single session
career and work lower body power.


10 'continuous running at 60% FC.

5 sets of 5 series of slopes with gradient of 30%
and 10 meters, launched more than 3 meters, trying to climb
maximum speed and descending in a gentle jog
or walking, no rest between slopes and a
static recovery (stretching) between groups of 3'-5 '.
10 'of continuous running at 60% FC.

(Train = Total volume of approximately 45 ', bearing in mind that the time to traverse the slope and the rest is variable)

And finally, we can do this work through a circuit.

To raise the FC to the desired range in this example, due to the type of exercise is necessary to be in optimal physical condition. Although we could replace certain exercises similar to adapt.


30''stick dominated.
Scissors 30''no-load jump.

All the exercises were held at maximum
intensity as possible, without breaks between movements
(Do not stop between dominating and dominated, for example)
and completing the assigned time partial movements
if necessary.

We will make five laps.
Rest between stations 15''
. Rest between rounds 1'30 '(active rest, moving)
Total time = 22 to 25 'approximately

All are generic examples, we could specify more, changing working times, recovery, series, intensities and recovery work, recovery rates, etc, depending on the contact sport that we are focusing.

These are just a few, but there are many, you can even learn how to design them yourself, just keep in mind the parameters I have discussed above.

1 combat sports (karate, grappling, greco ....) Also fall within this system.
2 lactic acid (or lactate) is a waste product from certain reactions taking place in the body to produce energy.
3 It is important to differentiate the total work time (round = 2 ') and the time when it comes to keeping the maximum intensity (number of hits = 5'').
Four theoretical HRmax (VO2 max) = 220-age. In trained subjects, may vary from this figure.
5 The lactic acid production begins about 65% of the FC. max, point known as aerobic threshold.
6 If we represent in a straight segment heart rate, and its extreme 0% and 100%, that change the appearance of the anaerobic threshold is what is known as "rightward shift" and is the goal of every athlete whatever their activity. For example, a marathoniano, for an increase in speed over the final meters of the race (transfer of lactic aerobic-anaerobic systems lactic).
7 The recovery and reclamation (active, static ...) is important because it influences the body's ability to remove lactate and therefore to be able to return to raise the intensity to the desired location, and and long enough.

By David Martinez Pozo
Fitness & Bodybuilding Monitor
Personal Trainer



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