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En las artes marciales, la meditación sobre las acciones pasadas nos conduce a la habilidad y destreza en acciones futuras

Why a person should study Karate?

Most now studied Karate for many reasons, perhaps equal to those men who had practiced it centuries ago. Defense! The Chinese developed exercises incorporated in Okinawa (Karate) to their religious training.

A legend says that a form of meditation similar to our Sanchin Kata was developed to help the monks will train being "conscious."

This is one of the basic benefits a student derives from the study of Sanchin. Even if the student's primary motivation is to develop the ability to defend, you also get benefits with the other effects of the practice of Karate (fitness, flexibility, coordination, concentration, technique, kata, etc.)..

This type of learning is not acquired in the short term, however, and unfortunately many teachers allow their students believe that they can develop these habilidadades in a short period of time.
Other teachers try not to mention most knowledgeable times, focusing on the benefits and basic skills can be acquired gradually by the applicant.

A good teacher helps keep the attention of the beginner, teaching techniques that can easily learn. We can also talk about those new students that their reasons for learning Karate is deeper, and acquiring such knowledge is not linked to a practice time, if not a time comprensión.Aquellos of us who spent many years studying and Karate teaching, with many efforts we have reached a certain degree of understanding of this art, we want our students reach that level of understanding and implementation.

We can not expect a person without previous knowledge from a class, and studied with the same degree of discretion that has the instructor after ten years of training.

Often a new student who only wants to study strictly for reasons of defense, your instructor will pretend that all the things important to him, are the same as your instructor considers importantes.Normalmente these new high students have no reason to want to study Karate.

You may have heard or read about the philosophy and are interested in that stage of Karate, but if your only goal is to exercise to learn to hit, you may obtain from other sources, sources much easier. They are not here just because they want to learn karate to defend themselves. There is a reason good or bad to study karate. Even if a person wants to learn to kill another person, the instructor has the power to change that attitude and reason, to re-shape the overall personality and make the best of the person. Today, karate is a weapon rather primitive in the light of the sophisticated weapons available to any person. A person can apparently want to kill another, but certainly not choose a weapon karate.

The individual chooses the art because they feel that studying Karate, gain self-confidence so that revenge will not be necesaria.La Most students are an extension of their teachers. When you go to a school in which students are unfriendly, aggressive, very competitive and generally act like animals in the jungle, you can not blame them. They are merely a reflection of your instructor

. In Karate schools there is always a person receiving for the first time that potential student, its report to concerned giving a vision of what may have with the practice of this art, connecting with the feeling that you are looking for. They try to tell the person that Karate has more of what is seen with the naked eye. These explanations are generally underappreciated, causing no impression.

That person who comes to learn first is concerned with their problems, which cause him to be there at the time. Perhaps it has been attacked, or has simply lost its trabajo.Frecuentemente people come to Karate because it has been injured in some way psychologically rather than physically, being in an unstable state, with the need to discover something new or throw towel.

Often a person is prepared to make a change in yourself and find something that confidence back with a guide. This is one of the reasons why the work of a teacher is so importante.Durante an interview the instructor is to inform the prospective student about those reasons pertaining to higher study, but really the idea is to translate the overall attitude prevails in the dojo, showing the new student a typical class. There you can see people like karate practitioners, whether they are bankers, mechanics, doctors, etc..

The feeling of the students in a class, based on the desire to learn a craft, all with the same outfit where the only difference is the color of your Obi (belt). Unconsciously we are instilling in students the rules for entering our school. He has to accept the rituals, must be educated because everyone is courteous and willing to help. Even if the new student was a troubled person feel out of place in a good dojo. It will soon pass that line and feel confortable.En summary, the only requirement for admission is for students to really accept our rules. His reasons are his and have little meaning in the general tradition of Karate. The person sees himself as the final analysis. If you are not prepared to change positively, not be able to perform the exercises and movements that are apparently not important for the defense. Will soon become impatient and irá.Una person who really needs the training comes to school having faced many frustrations and problems.

While this person studies everything lifestyle, attitude and personality to change while developing his karate. While progress and achieve new goals, faces the decision to move forward or backward. Invariably their Karate training runs parallel to his personal struggle. If you are not prepared to deal with their personal problems will find that Karate has too much discipline for him. Ironically, this lack of discipline and self control is what has led to problems in the first place and is what brought him to the school of Karate. If you're ready to change your lifestyle, you're ready to master Karate. When we talk about the Karate changes to the person, we are really saying is that the person moves itself. Karate provides the means to produce that change.

The physical and mental transformation that will accompany you feel throughout your life. As the person develops, will become the type of individual we want as a student. Students pretend to be the kind of people that instructors want to win a place in school. If you keep at it will soon be a person with special characteristics.

Mattson article Sensei 9th Dan Uechi Ryu
Sensei Carlos Ciriza Translation Rokku-Dan Renshi
Published by Red Marcial


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