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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Hagakure (Hidden Leaves)


Hagakure, which means "hidden under the leaves", is a former cavalry breviary inspired by the famous Bushido code.
We exposed the way of the warrior, whose philosophical and ethical precepts presented at Bushi transcendental.

Bushido is the total acceptance of life, to live even when we have no desire to live. This is accomplished knowing die in every moment of our life, living the moment, the here and now, deep in the eternal present, instead of abandoning the battlefield everyday. For the Samurai, life is a challenge, and death is preferable to a life unworthy or unclean. This is the noble and spectacular HAGAKURE lesson.

Kept secret for centuries, the book Hagakure was head of Yukio Mishima.

I found that the way of Samurai lies in death. During a crisis, when there are so many possibilities of life and death, we must choose death. There is nothing difficult about it, you just have to muster courage and act. Some say that dying without having finished their mission is to die in vain. This reasoning is the holding merchants swollen with pride that roam Osaka is not only a sophisticated argument while a cartoonish imitation of the ethics of the Samurai.

Make a wise choice in a situation where the possibilities of life and death are balanced, it is almost impossible. We all prefer to live and it is natural that human beings always find good reasons to continue living.

He who chooses to live in their efforts having failed, it will be rejected and will be both a coward and a failure. He who dies after having failed fan dies a death, which may seem useless. But on the other hand, not be dishonored. Such is the way of the Samurai.

To be a perfect Samurai takes preparation to death and even morning and evening throughout the day.

When a Samurai is constantly ready to die, has achieved mastery of the Way and can spend endlessly whole life to serve his master.

La routine

When Kami Masamori Hotta Right was not a page of the Shogun, was so stubborn that it decided to submit it to the test. To do so, did warm up a pair of white sandals and put on a brazier. Masamori was accustomed to take the sandals placed beside the hearth to go to meet his Lord. This time, after grabbing the shoes felt the burn in your hands. But acting in the usual way, so the Shogun took them off your hands quickly.

One of Matsudaira Sagami Samurai Kami was not in a guesthouse in Kyoto to raise money. One day I was on the porch watching the world go by, a passerby heard shouting: "They say that Lord Matsudaira's men are locked in a battle." The samurai said, "It is very unfortunate that my colleagues are involved in a fight. These must be those who had to go to relieve those who were on duty in Edo." It was reported on the battlefield and when he came panting, his companions had been wounded and their opponents, who were about to give the coup de grace. Joining the attack of a scream, beat two men and returned to Kyoto. This matter reached the ears of the officer who summoned the Shogun Samurai to ask: "You have helped your colleagues, thus disobeying the edict of the Government. How's that?" He replied: "I come from the province and I can hardly understand what His Lordship said. Could you repeat it again?" The officer got furious and said: "Are you deaf? Have you been involved in a fight, shed blood and disobeyed the government decree, breaking the laws, yes or no?" The man replied: "I had understood all this. Although I afirméis I have not willfully disobeyed the laws and I had no intention to disobey the government. The reason is that human being's life gives a price and of course the same applies to humans. For my part, give a high value on human life. But I heard that my colleagues were in danger and to show that one has not heard of anything is not worth the Way of the Samurai. So I ran to help my teammates. Back to my house in the heart of shame, knowing that my friends have been killed, certainly would have prolonged my life, but he was disobeying the Way To follow the Way, one must sacrifice his precious life. It is because of this, to respect to Via and not neglect the rules, I decided to go there. I pray you, now that procedáis my execution. " The officer was impressed, closed the case and wrote to Lord Matsudaira, "You are a brave Samurai at your service. I hope that you will know what care it deserves."

Las Raíces


The pedigree of the Lord Soma, nicknamed the Marokoshi Chicken was the most elaborate of Japan. A year in which his property caught fire and was about to be destroyed, the Lord soma said: "Even if the house, furniture and everything else is destroyed, I do not regret because they are things that can be replaced. The only thing I'll regret not being able to save my family tree, which is a family treasure the most precious. " There was a Samurai and said: "I'm going into the house and bring it." The Lord and the other began to laugh, saying: "The house is already burned, how conseguiréis?" That man had never been very talkative and had not been particularly diligent but was someone who was going to finish in everything he did. He also said: "I have not been of great use to my master, because I have not been careful, but I lived with the idea that one day my life may be helpful. I think this time has come." Then he launched into the flames. When the fire was extinguished, the master ordered: "That is his body! What a loss!" Having searched everywhere, her body was discovered in the garden next to the apartments, when he turned around, drew blood from her womb. The Samurai had opened the abdomen and he had placed the document to remain intact. From that day, this document is nicknamed "the genealogy of the blood."

In Koyogunkan, someone said: "When I'm facing the enemy, whenever I have the impression that penetrated into the darkness and because of this I have been seriously injured ... however, you who have fought with so many brave men have never been hurt . How is this possible? " The other replied: "When faced with the enemy, is certainly as if they penetrate the darkness. But he quickly calmed my mind, everything becomes like a night lit by the pale moon. If attacked at this time, I know that I am not reached. " This is the situation at the moment of truth.

Military Tactics


The Notes on Rules Martial, is written: "Win first, fight later, which said in two words is to win before. The richness of peacetime preparation is to allow martial for wartime. With five hundred allies , you can defeat an enemy force of ten thousand men. " When one tries to take the castle of an enemy and needs to retire, is to retreat, not following the main road, but the secondary roads. It must tend to their dead and wounded with his face turned towards the enemy. It is obvious that the warrior has to be in the vanguard during the attack and in the rear when the withdrawal. When attacking, it is not expected to depreciate the right time. Waiting for the good time we should not forget the attack.

Among the principles Yaygu secrets Tajima No Kami Munemori, there is a proverb: "There is no military tactics for a man of great moral strength." Instructed by this, a vassal of the Shogun went to see the Master Yagyu and asked to accept him as his disciple. Master Yagyu said, "I think now you are a student of a school of martial arts. Tell me the name of your school before beginning our teacher-pupil relationship." The man replied: "I have not ever practiced martial arts." The Master said, "Have not you ever learned the discipline of the school Tajima Nokami? I have the impression that you are one of the masters of the Shogun. The man swore he did not. The Master then asked:" Do you have any kind of conviction deep? "The man replied:" As a child I realized that the Bushi is a man who must repent of his life. I buried that thought in my heart for many years and this has become a conviction. So never think about death. I have no other conception beyond. "The Master Yagyu was deeply impressed and said:" My intuition has deceived me. The deepest principle in martial tactics is that you possess. So far, hundreds of disciples I have had, none has reached this principle. It is not necessary to prepare you with the "wooden sword (bokken). I will initiate you right away. "Then he gave a scroll. This story has been told by Muragawa Soden.

If you attain the glory too quickly, people will become your enemy and you will not be of no use. If you raise you progressively into the world, people are your allies and you will be happy. Ultimately, you've been fast or slow, as you have acquired an understanding of others, no one threatens you. They say that fortune which is given you by others is the safest.

4.The votes

Some are capable of acting wisely when the occasion requires. Others are forced to stay awake long hours, prisoners of trouble, before finding the right solution to the problem. But although these are innate deference to some extent inevitable, everyone can achieve unexpected gifts of wisdom to take "four votes."

It seems that whatever the personal gifts, whatever the problem difficulty, a sufficiently long and profound reflection. As a bases his reasoning on the "I" can be very wise and clever but unwise.

Human beings are foolish and find it difficult to abandon his "I". Nevertheless, an individual faced with a difficult situation is most likely to find a solution, if it momentarily abstracted the problem, focusing on "votes" and abandoning his 'I'.


We have very little wisdom, but we have a great tendency to refer to it to resolve our difficulties. Because we care primarily about ourselves, we deviate from the Way of Heaven and our actions become bad. In the eyes of others, are despicable, weak, limited and largely ineffective. When we feel incapable of true competition is preferable to appeal to someone wiser. Not to be personally involved, perhaps you can prove an illustrious judge "as it has a vested interest. It will be in a position to advise the wiser choice.

Looking for a man who makes his decisions thus worthy of note, we know that is committed, independent, credible and rooted in reality. His wisdom, fed by the advice of others, can be compared to the root of a large tree, dense foliage.

There are limits to the wisdom of man, bush weak, shaken by the wind.

La Critica a Los Demás

Reprimand and correct someone for their mistakes is important. This act essentially charity is the first duty of the Samurai. But we must strive to make it as convenient. Indeed, it is easier to find strengths and weaknesses in the conduct of others. It is equally easy to criticize. Most people imagine that it is courtesy to tell others what you do not want to hear and if you are unwelcome criticism, they think that others are incurable. Such thinking is not reasonable. It gives so badly like putting someone in an embarrassing situation, or if someone insulted. This is many times more than a bad way to get what we weigh in the heart.

Criticism should intervene only after discerned if you accept it or not, after one has become friends with her, sharing their interests and have behaved in a way that gives us his full confidence to have faith in our words. After touching involved. You have to feel the good times and good way of exercising his criticism - by letter or return of a particularly pleasant meeting. We must start discussing their own mistakes and then take your partner to understand, without saying more words than necessary.

We must praise its merits; strive to offer encouragement, to prepare your mood again so receptive to the comments the same way that it is thirsty man to water. It is then that we must correct their mistakes. Constructive criticism is fine.

I know from experience that bad habits and old, do not give in without force. I think the attitude is really charitable to all serving Samurai Daimyo same, to be benevolent and friendly with each other, correct each other's mistakes to serve after the Daimyo. Voluntarily putting someone in an embarrassing situation is not anything constructive. How could it be otherwise?


The military language used the terms "enlightened Samurai 'and' ignorant Samurai." A Samurai has taken expected to face difficult situations to learn to leave them is not shown. A Samurai who worries in advance of all situations and possible solutions is wise. Will therefore be able to cope with brilliance when the occasion arises. No matter what happens, illustrated is a Samurai who cares about the details of the action, before the hour. A Samurai improvident, however, gives the impression painful crawl into great confusion and success comes only from an abnormal fate. Only Samurai negligent not to consider all eventualities before the moment of action.

I do not share the opinion of those who advocate strict authority and constant. As the saying goes: "The fish do not live in the clear water." The algae which allow you to fully develop to maturity. It is when one moves from the details and do not take care of minor complaints when able to seek the serenity that we serve. Understanding this principle is essential for those who want to understand the nature and behavior of others.

When the Lord Mitsushige was only a child, he was asked to read a passage from a book of Monk Kaion, called the other children and acolytes to say: "I pray you come near and listen. It is very difficult to read when there is almost anyone to hear. " The monk was impressed and told the faithful: "It is with this spirit that we must do all things."

Como Ha de Ser el Samurai

I have feel that young people today Samurais targets have been set pitifully low. They have a sneak peek at the robbers. Most people only looking for personal interest or to show off his intelligence. Even those who seem to calm the soul are only a facade. This attitude is not appropriate. A Samurai is really only to the extent that it has no other desire than to die quickly, and become pure spirit, offering his life to his master, to the extent where his continuing concern is the welfare of their Daimyo, who continually accountable endlessly the way by which solves the problems to strengthen the structures of the domain. Thus, Daimyo and servers must be determined in the same way. It is essential that no one, not even the gods and Buddhas, can make you deviate from the target.

 La Pérdida de la Virilidad

Here's what I told one of my friends. It seems that a certain Dr. Kyon states: "In medicine distinguishes men from women under the principles of Yin and Yang, therefore, medical treatments are fundamentally different. In addition, your pulse is also different. However, during the last fifty years, the pulse of the men has become identical to that of women. Since I've noticed this phenomenon, I considered good treat eye diseases for men by appropriate means to pulse of women. When I try to apply to my male patients under care for them, do not get any results. " Indeed, the world is approaching a period of degeneration, men lose their manhood, and seem increasingly to women. It is an unshakable conviction that I have acquired in the course of my personal experience and have decided not to propagate. Since then, never forgetting this reflection, when I look at the men of today, I say, "Look, look, here is a female pulse." I can not find almost never what is called a true man. Because that is making it possible today to be considered excellent and have access to an important position in a minimum of effort. Men become cowardly and weak, the proof is that, today, rare are those who have the experience of having cut the head of a criminal with his hands tied behind their backs. When asked to be assistant to be used for ritual suicide, most believe that it is more clever excuses to escape and invoke more or less valid.

It was only forty or fifty years, was considered a combat wound as a mark of virility. Unscarred thigh was so prominent a sign of lack of experience that no one dared to show it as such, preferring to inflict a wound voluntary. It was expected of men who had the hot blood and were impetuous. Today's impetuosity is considered an inadequacy. Men today use their language impetuosity to shirk its responsibilities and not ever make any effort. I wish that young people think seriously about this situation.


Tannen Monk was in the habit of saying, "People have ended up understanding nothing because priests do not teach only the doctrine of Mushin. What is called Mushin is a spirit without spot and without complication. This is interesting."

La Vía del Samurai

Sanenori The Lord said: "Within one where the evil spirit does not find its place is the way." If this is true, the Way is one. But no one can understand this evidence in the first attempt.

The purity is not achieved without effort.

The Chinese character can be read in Japanese gene Maboroshi and means "illusion." In Japanese, Indian magicians are called Gen shu sushi or "illusion."

Human beings are puppets below. That is why gene character is used to suggest the illusion of free will.

Hatred of evil and lead their life with integrity is extremely difficult. This is quite surprising, but many errors being caused by the belief that it is essential to be strictly logical and place righteousness above all else. There is a way higher than fairness, but its discovery was not an easy thing and requires a profound wisdom. Compared to this approach, the logical principles are negligible, indeed. Although for not having the experience of it or did not know, there is a way of discovering the truth, even if one has failed to discern it alone. This route is to talk with others. It often happens that a person, although imperfect, can give wise advice to another, because she can dominate the external situation, the same as that in the game of Go, has "the advantage of being a spectator." It says it is also possible to discern his errors by the "look in oneself and meditation, but also in this case the result is also better when you talk to others. The reason for this is that you can overcome your own power of discernment if one learns to listen with profit to others and reading books.

You always enriched by the wisdom of the ancients.



I was told that a sword master and old man had said this: "The Samurai must train all his life," and there is a reason for it. At first, even in case of regular practice, one has no sense of progress. One little known business and sees others in their own image. At this stage it is worth pointing out that not is of no use to serve the Daimyo. When you reach a stage medium is still a very useful but realizes its shortcomings and begin to notice the imperfections of others.

When one reaches a higher level Samurai, is able to take their own initiative, decisions in any situation, so you no longer need the advice of others. One samurai is, we can say, useful to the Daimyo. Then, above this level, there are those whose face never reveals what people think, do not ever showing off his skill, pretending ignorance and incompetence. And what's more, respecting the ability of others. For many, this is the highest ambition. But at a still higher level there is a domain that exceeds the ability of ordinary mortals. Whoever undertakes to fund the Way of this field is aware that their training will be unlimited and may not ever be satisfied with their work. Therefore, a Samurai should know their weaknesses and correcting them spend their lives without ever having the feeling of having already done enough. There should, of course, having too much confidence but not feel inferior.

Yagyu the master of the Way of Sable, who taught the Shogun Tokugawa, said: "I do not know how to outdo the other. All I know is how to beat myself." He said: "Today, I'm better than yesterday, tomorrow will be even higher." A true Samurai devotes all his time to perfecting himself. That is why training is an unending process.

Among the public proclamations made by the Lord Naoshige, is the following: "Important decisions must be taken in stride." Ittei Ishida (Sagan Han Confucian scholar and teacher Joch Yamamoto) said: "The minor issues should be studied seriously. There are few problems that really matter, but are more than two or three in all existence. A daily reflection will convince you. That is why it is vital to provide should be done in a crisis. When it appears, will have to remember the solution, to resolve accordingly. Without a daily preparation, when there occurs a crisis fragile, will be unable to make a quick decision, which carries the risk of disastrous consequences. " Is it not possible to say that in order to make important decisions calmly, be prepared each day with resolution?

In the course of a meeting whose goal was to examine the appropriateness of granting a promotion to a certain person, it was reported that it had previously was very fond of drinking. Thus, participants were very likely to deny their advancement. However, one of them spoke: "Do not encourage a man because he has committed a single error, is to keep improving. If a man has faltered once, shows, irreproachable conduct and in accordance with the rules, he regrets sincerely for his mistake, it is eminently useful to his Lord. Thus, Encourage them. " Then one of those present said, "you assume the responsibility for that decision?" After he had given such assurance, attendance begged him to give his reasons. He gave this reply: "I endorse it because I know I was wrong once . You can not give confidence that no errors ever committed. "It was thus that the person got the promotion.

One day a man fell from grace because he had neglected to repair the insult that had been done. The only way to get revenge was cast on the enemy camp and fight to the death. A Samurai who fights desperately to spear can not fall from grace. It is because one expects the victory that it eludes us. Time flies when one expects the enemy is so numerous as not to be a disadvantage. A force to be expected, one might even forget the injury and leaving vengeance. But when the enemies are numerous, if one holds onto the field with a determination to decimate all, the fight will be resolved quickly. The course of action likely will pass a good way. Even when the forty-seven Ronins Asano clan, which ended up attacking Kira night to avenge the death of his master, had failed in its output. They should have immediately Sengakuji ritual suicide. It took time to avenge the death of their Lord. Kira would have fallen deathly ill before they had executed his plan. In this case, would have irretrievably lost the opportunity. As a rule, I do not criticize the behavior of others, but since we study the way of Samurai, I must add this: if not considered carefully and advancement for all eventualities, when the event occurs is not far answered satisfactorily, and one is disgraced.

Play these tips and try to understand the essence of things, is a preparation for making decisions before the crisis occurrence.

The way of Samurai requires, among other things, you are always ready to test the firmness of his resolution. Night and day, the Samurai should sever their thoughts prepares a course of action. Depending on circumstances, can win or lose. But avoid the dishonor is an event other than l victory or defeat, to avoid dishonor perhaps it will need to die. But if, from the start, things do not develop as planned, you should try again. To do this, no particular knowledge or skill are needed. The brave Samurai not think in terms of victory or defeat, fighting fanatically to the death. Only then does its destination.

It is good to have strong personal convictions. If, persevere and focus, a Samurai becomes strong views may be tempted to think rainfall has already reached a good level of performance. This must be formally discouraged. A samurai should, by regularity, first came to the absolute mastery of the basic principles and then continue their training so that their techniques reach maturity. A samurai must never relax their efforts but must continue throughout their lives in training. To think that one can relax the discipline of training because just made a discovery, is the height of folly. A Samurai should be constantly encouraged by the thought: "At certain points are still far from perfect" and devote his life to improving more and more, searching for true road regularly. For a handy so you can find the Way

You do not even fifty or sixty years that the Samurai did his ablutions every morning, his head shaved and perfumed the bun. Then cut their fingernails and toenails, the limaban with pumice and then polished with grass Kogane. Ever showed no sign of laziness in this matter and closely guarded. Then the Samurai sword verified his long and the short saber to verify that the rust is not deteriorating, I was dusting and cleaning to care for their brightness. Take such care of their appearance can be a manifestation of conceit, but this practice did not come from a penchant for elegance or romancesco. One can be called at any time to fight a hard battle if you die having neglected its cleanliness, there is shown a general relaxation of morals and one is exposed to contempt and neglect of the adversary. This is the reason why the old and young Samurais have always provided great care in its presentation. A scruple that may seem a waste of time and a very futile occupation, but part of the life of the Samurai. In fact, it requires less effort and time than it seems. If you want to be ready to die, a Samurai should be considered dead, if you are diligent in their service and are perfect in the military arts, there never will be covered with shame. But if you're dedicated to making selfish as he pleases, in a crisis of disgrace. Even, it will never be aware of his disgrace. If nothing matters except the fact of not being in danger and be happy, be neglected in a completely regrettable.

It is sure that a Samurai is not ready to die, die a dishonorable death. However, if he dedicates his life to prepare his death, how could have a despicable behavior? One should think seriously about it and bring its behavior accordingly.

Times have changed much over the last thirty years. Nowadays, when young samurai meet, talk about money, profit, loss of how to manage your house, the criteria for judging the value of the clothing, and exchange views profane. If another theme is evoked, it spoils the environment and each one feels vaguely uneasy. What a pitiful state we have reached it! In the past, until the age of twenty or thirty years, a young man had no thought for material things or indelicate, so do not ever talk about them. If, by accident, in his presence, middle-aged men left to escape his lips some thought out of place, was so affected as if he had received a physical injury. The emerging trend has apparently penetrated by what the modern appreciate the most: the luxury and ostentation. Only money matters. It is clear that if young men had no such luxury tastes, incompatible with their status, this wrong attitude disappear. Furthermore, resource-rich praise as young thrifty and frugal, it is completely negligible. Frugality is equivalent to the absence of the sense of giri, or social and personal obligations. Do I need to add that a Samurai who forgets his obligations to others is despicable, cowardly and unworthy?



When I went to Yasaburo to the example of his art of calligraphy, said: "It should be written in letters large enough to cover one entire sheet with sufficient force to tear it. The ability depends on the spirit of calligraphy and energy with which it runs. The Samurai has to act without hesitation, without the slightest fatigue confess even the smallest discouragement to complete its task. That's all. " He continued writing.

According to the Confucian scholar Ittei Ishida, every calligrapher, even mediocre, you can learn to write in a correct manner by carefully following the lines of a notebook. One can say the same thing in the service of a Samurai. If you take a good Samurai by model, success is possible. Unfortunately, at present there is no Samurai really worth to be imitated, so one should ideally create a model to imitate. How to create such a model is to imagine which of those around us know how to conform to the protocol, the rectitude and propriety, which shows the greatest courage, which is the most eloquent, which is one whose behavior is most unimpaired, which is the most full, which has the greater spirit of decision in case of crisis. From all these elements need to imagine a being combining all these qualities. The synthesis will be an excellent model worthy of emulation. It is true that all art is very difficult to learn the strengths of the teacher, but instead, its weaknesses are easily imitated. These are not, of course, of no use to his disciples. For example, some well aware of the label but not integral. When a model tries to take on this type of person, always has a tendency to neglect the label and not to imitate more than the absence of integrity. When one learns to appreciate the strengths of others lso, each person can become a teacher or in public. If it is negligent when at rest period, the public will only be perceived in this light.


Quietly withdrawn when the master speaks of one, good or bad terms, indicates perplexity. You should be able to respond appropriately and be decided in advance. When you order a certain function, the joy and the pride you will feel will be reflected on your face and that's a little inconvenient. Some, aware of their faults, they think: "I'm clumsy but I must do whatever it takes my mission. How do I take? This can cause many grounds for anxiety." Although these words do not pronounce her, he was clearly reflected in your face. This is a test of modesty. Inconstancy and lightness is why we stray from the Path and that we behave like novices. Then we are a source of annoyance. Last year, in the course of a meeting, a man explained his point of view and said he was prepared to kill the facilitator of the meeting if his opinion was not adopted. His motion was accepted. When all procedures were completed, he said: "They have given their consent too quickly. I think they are weak and not worthy of his master directors."

When an official meeting is extremely serious and someone enters, lightly different topics the participants expressed their indignation and angry. This is not right. At such times the label of Samurai is to remain calm and treat the person with kindness. Abusing someone is conduct worthy of a lackey.

There is a moment where you really need others. If this happens often, they find it inconvenient and eventually moved. For certain things, it is better not to have to have to rely on others.

The Dragon


China Was a Man Who liked pictures Depicting dragons. All your furniture and clothes decorated with this emblem Were. The god of the dragons Realized That deep love, so one day a real dragon meat to historical window. It is Said That the man died of fright ... It Was Surely a charlatan WHO HAD Been Revealed Such as at the time of action.



Once there lived a master of the art of the spear. At the time of his death he called his best disciple and told him: "I have sent all the secret techniques of our school. If you think you now accept a disciple, you must practice diligently right away, and every day, with the wooden sword . The superiority it is a matter of technical Secret. " Likewise, the teaching of a master of Renga is said to be the eve of the poetry contest should calm his mind and seek an anthology of poems. It is necessary to focus on knowing one thing. All trades must be exercised with concentration.

Animar a un Amigo


When you visit a Samurai beaten by misfortune, which is told to cheer is always of extreme importance. He is, in fact, able to discern through our words true motives that animate the speaker. To encourage a friend in difficulties to reveal the secret is: a real Samurai should not lose confidence or swagger. You must always go forward, but will not advance and will be totally useless

Las Palabras


It says there is no doubt that ever in corrected when one made a mistake. The lack disappears quickly if one is corrected without delay. When attempting to remedy an error, it becomes displaced and painful. When something is said that you should not have said, if you quickly and clearly on self, that is soon forgotten and no longer need to worry. But if you censure someone, it should be able to answer: "I have given reasons for my purposes inconsiderate, I see nothing else to do if you do not accept them. As I say this without meaning to, should go as if no one had heard . No one can escape a reprimand.. "

Morooka Hikoemon was summoned one day to confirm the truth of his words on an issue. But he said: "The word of a samurai is stronger than metal. Since I am imbued with this principle, what else can bring the gods and Buddhas?" The oath was annulled. This story happened when he was twenty-six

La Actitud Durante la Tormenta


There is what is called the attitude during the storm. When one is surprised by a sudden storm, you can either run as fast as possible either quickly placed on the eaves of the houses lining the road. Anyway we get wet. If one was already prepared mentally to the idea of being wet, it would ultimately little disappointed with the advent of rain. You can apply this principle to advantage in all situations.

Winning from the beginning


When he was old, did a day Tetsuzan following reflection: "I had a tendency to think that the fight was different from Sumo bare hands because it did not matter to be thrown to the ground at first, as the key was to win at the end of combat. Recently I changed my view. It occurred to me that if a judge took the decision to stop the fight at the moment one is on the ground, I would declare defeat. We have to win from the beginning to emerge victorious forever. "

The friendship is measured in adversity


It says: "If you want to probe the heart of a friend, fall ill." A person you believe is a friend when everything goes well, and that sets you back like a stranger in the event of illness or misfortune is but a coward. It is much more correct Cundo friend should face the misfortune to be near him, visit him and help him. A Samurai should never, while living, afford to alienate those from whom he is liable spiritually. Here is therefore a means to measure the true feelings of a man. Most of the time we headed to the other for help and then forgotten once the crisis has passed.

Someone made one day the following comment: "It is generally thought that nothing is more difficult than ronin, that when this hits a target man, he loses confidence in him and leaves him. In truth, to be ronin is very different from what I had imagined and is a less unpleasant than it sounds. I would, indeed, back to being a true ronin. " I agree with this view. The same attitude may prevail in regard to death. If a Samurai is customary, daily, to the idea of death, will be able to die peacefully if the time comes. Like all disasters are hardly as bad as you had imagined, is completely ridiculous ahead and complain incessantly. Better prepared from the beginning to the idea that the ultimate fate of the Samurai dedicated to the service of a lord or terminate sepukku is made ronin.

Éxito y Fracaso


The goodness or badness of character of an individual are not reflected in the momentary success or failure, below. The success or failure are not, after all, more than manifestations of nature. Good and evil are, however, human nature. However, it is convenient, for didactic reasons, expressed as if the success or failure in the world were the direct result of a good or bad character.

Quien Calcula es un Cobarde


A man that does not stop to calculate is a coward. I say this because the assumptions always have a relationship with the ideas of profit and loss, the individual who makes is always concerned about the notions of gain or loss. Dying is a loss, life gain and it is so often decides not to die. This is cowardice. Similarly, a man who has received a good education can camouflage with his intelligence and eloquence, his cowardice or stupidity, which are its true nature. Many people do not realize

La Vía del Samurai


The Lord Naoshige had the habit of saying: "The Way of Samurai is the passion of death. Even ten men can not deflect a lively man of such conviction." You can not accomplish great feats when in a normal moods. We must become fanatical and develop the passion of death. If you count on time to enhance their power of discernment, you run the risk of being too late to implement it. The loyalty and filial piety are something extra in the Way of the Samurai, What you need is the passion for death. All the rest will follow this passion.

The famous Samurai KiranoSuke Shida says: "If you are totally unknown, between living or dying, it is better to choose life." Shida was a Samurai out of the ordinary. Young people often ill-interpreted what he said, mistakenly thinking that the lawyer was a dishonorable conduct. In a postscript he wrote: "If you doubt between eating and not eating, it is better to abstain. When you can not decide between life or death, then it is better to die."

There is a way of educating the children of Samurais. In his childhood has been to encourage bravery and avoid frivolous scare them or make fun of them. If a person is affected by cowardice as a child, is a scar for life. It is a mistake of the parents who, without thinking, make children afraid of lightning, dark places, or tell scary things to cause their tears. Moreover, if a child is severely scolded will become timid. Should not be tolerated from forming bad habits. After you have formed a bad habit, but are reprimanded the child, not improve. For things such as speaking properly or have a good behavior is to return the child gradually aware of it. Do not let the child know greed. One more thing, if you have a normal kind, will follow the path that you check. Another point to consider is that if parents have a bad relationship the child does not have feelings affiliates. That is natural. Even the birds and beasts who feel affected by what they see at the time of birth. Therefore, the relationship between parent and child may deteriorate because of the unawareness of the mother. A mother loves her child above all things and be fair with him when corrected by the father. If it becomes an ally of the child, this will sow discord between father and son. Due to the narrowness of their minds, a woman sees her son as the mainstay of his age.

La Distracción


You will be confused by people when your resolution is weak. Moreover, if you are distracted in a meeting when someone else is speaking, by your carelessness you may think that coincidís their opinions and you're going to keep saying: "OK," agree, even if it is saying something contrary to your own feelings , and others think that you agree with them. Therefore, you should never distract a moment when you have a meeting with other people. When you're listening to a story or are talking to you, you will have to be careful to avoid seeing you confused, and if there's something that you'll agree, it exposes your opinion, show him your opponent his error, strive to resolve the situation. Even in minor matters the misunderstandings come from little things. One must be cautious in this regard. Moreover, it is better not to collaborate with people that already have had doubts before. Whatever you do, you will always be people who confuse or absorbed. To be safe in such cases you must be very experienced.



It is not enough to simply avoid feeling discouraged when it reaches a test. When misfortune comes, the Samurai should rejoice and take the fate that is offered and being able to use their energy and courage. Such an approach differs radically from the simple resignation. When the tide rises, the boat fleet ...

When you have heard of the exploits of a master, thinking that anything you do can never equal it, is a sign of a petty mind. One must think on the contrary, that "if the teacher is a man like me, why I must be inferior?" As a Samurai you decide to answer this challenge against himself, and is on track to improvement. Ittei Ishida says: "A wise man recognized as for others, just get this reputation because it has begun to deepen their knowledge from an early age. It is never the result of a late-learning, even if it is difficult." In other words, be taken as a resolution to reach perfection, you can wait a day to experience enlightenment. A samurai should pay attention to his deeds and gestures to avoid mistakes of conduct, no matter how small those are. As it happens, by mistake, a Samurai does not control your mind and come to think thoughts like this: "Definitely, I'm a coward" or "If this happens, we run to preserve our lives" or "How scary is this," " Ay! "Etcetera. Such exclamations should never be uttered by a Samurai if only to scoff or laugh, or carelessness, not even dreaming, or in any other situation. A shrewd guess soon be the true nature of the person who had uttered such words. One must always be on guard. It has been said that a man who has just been beheaded can still make some moves. This story has been transmitted by Nitta Yoshisada and Ono Moken. How can a man be inferior to another man? Joyku Mitani said: "Even when a mortally sick man can survive two or three days."

Poor relations between the current rulers and from, between father and son, between elder brother and the small are motivated by selfish reasons. The proof is that there are no such relations between master and slave.


An old proverb says: "I decided in the space of seven breaths." The Lord Takanobu Ryuzoti did one day this comment: "If a man takes too long to make a decision, goes to sleep." Naoshige The Lord also says: "If one is released without force, seven out of ten actions will not survive to term. It's really difficult to make decisions in turmoil. Therefore, if no deal with minor consequences, one faces the problems with razor-sharp mind, there is always the solution in less time needed to do seven blows. "Think of the problems with calm and determination.


He who has little knowledge quickly becomes presumptuous and delights in the idea of being regarded as a competent man. Those who are proud of their talents and superior to his contemporaries believe will inevitably be punished by some manifestation of Heaven. A man who can not be seen from the other is not useful to anyone despite their highly competitive. He who works hard and knows how to remain modest, which pleased the subordinate position occupied at the same time respecting their peers, will be highly prized.

Rise to the Eighth

It is the height of folly for a Samurai to lose control of himself if, unfortunately, is reduced to the status of ronin, or is confronted with a reversal of fortune the same type. At the time of Lord Katsushige, the Samurai had a favorite motto: "If you have not been ronin seven times, you can not actually claim the true title of Samurai. Tropez and Fall seven times but get up to the eighth." Clearly, Hyogo Naritomi had been, they say, ronin seven times. A Samurai in the service of a daimyo Roly-Poly should be like a rising every time you tilt it. Indeed, it would be an excellent idea for the return to his disciples Daimyo freedom to test his spiritual strength.

The Treatment of Subordinates

In a poem to the glory of Yoshitune, says: "A general should go often to his soldiers." People who serve a master be more willing to devote his life to his duty when he praises his master in exceptional circumstances, as well as everyday life, such as: "I have served well." "You must be very careful with this or that." "Now I have a server class." These comments are tuned very important.



If you want perfeccionaros, the best way to do is to request the opinion of others and seek their criticisms. Most people try to improve trusting in its sole discretion. The only result they achieve is that no significant progress made ... Men looking for criticism of others are already higher than they. The first word uttered by a Samurai, in all circumstances, it is extremely important. This word reveals its value. In peacetime, the language signature value. But, just as in times of strife and destruction, the great bravery can be revealed by a single word. You can then say that this one word is the flower of the soul.

A samurai should always avoid complaining, even in daily life. You must be on guard not to let slip a word never to show weakness. A bland statement often made inadvertently indicated that the value has.

A man whose reputation is based on its ability to precise technique is negligible. Focusing all his energy into a single object, has become an excellent course but has failed to be interested in other things. Such a man is of no use


There are many people who give advice, but few are those who receive them with gratitude, and even more rare that follow. After 30 years, the man becomes generally impervious to advice. When the advice and did not reach quickly becomes conceited and selfish. Adds, for the rest of his days the impudence to stupidity, which inevitably cause the loss. That is why it is essential to find someone able to discern, strongly linking him to receive his teaching.

A Samurai that does not grant any interest in wealth and honor, usually by just become insignificant and envious. This man is both futile and useless, eventually revealed that less mobile are the same whose only ambition, money and fame. There is no immediate utility.

Up to the age of forty years a Samurai to be supervised to avoid being seduced by the wisdom and sense of the trial. You should rely only on their capabilities and strength of character. The greater the latter, the better the samurai. Although it has over 40 years, but this depends on the individual and his social position, a Samurai is nothing if not strong of character.

Whatever the goal, nothing is impossible to do when one is determined. You can then move heaven and earth as appropriate. But when the man does not have "heart in the belly", you can not persuade it. Move heaven and earth without effort is a simple matter of concentration.

It is good to develop its power until the age of forty. Instead, it is advisable to "pull" from the fifties. When someone gives you his opinion, should be able to accept with gratitude even if it is of no interest. Only with this condition will communicate what you've heard of. It's good to give and receive notices in a friendly manner.

If the battlefield do not stop anyone to care and lead the assault you who you have the firm intention of penetrating the enemy, not will fall, your spirit will be brave and martial manifestaréis your courage. This council is a legacy of the ancients. On the other hand, if you must be demolished in the course of a fight, be determined to be facing the enemy.

The Basis of Things

Know a priest who seeks to solve everything through his extraordinary intelligence. No other throughout Japan that will be comparable. This is not very surprising since just one perceives the foundation of things.


Old age is when you just do the things that is prone. As the force continues, one can go against this tendency, when he is weakened, the true trends come and disturb us. There are different manifestations of this condition but, made sixty years, no one escapes it. To think that one will never be senile is to be anymore. Thus one can consider the argument of the teacher Ittei like a senile person, when he wanted to prove he was the only one who could help the House Nabeshima. He went to talk to different powerful families, but already showing signs of senility. Everyone thought at the time that was a reasonable act, and if better reflect I realize that was an act of weakness. For my part, thanks to this example and because of the feeling I have to return to childhood, I have refused the invitation to the temple ceremony on the anniversary of the death the Lord and I decided to stay Mitsushige increasingly confined to my house . One must have the foresight of what will happen to you.


According to a story Ryutaji, was an expert in the I-Ching in the region of Kamigata. I would have said that even for a priest, it is useless to give a man a position before forty years, for the simple reason that until then committed numerous errors. Confucius was not the only one who had the serene spirit after forty years. Until that age, both the wise and the foolish have accumulated many experiences forming and then cease to be indecisive in front of existence.

With regard to martial valor is more worthy to die for his love to kill an enemy. It is in this sense that we can understand the devotion of Tsugunobu Sato.

When I was young, had a "day of mourning" in which he mentioned my mistakes day after day. But not a day passed without my having to open twenty or thirty times. This is how I ended up doing it always would be and decided to leave. Today, when I meditate before going to bed on time elapsed, there is no day on which I have not committed any fault in word or action. Living without mistakes is almost impossible, but "intellectuals" are far from admitting it.

When reading a text aloud, you have to do with the belly. When you read with your mouth and throat, you get tired quickly. This is a teaching Nakama Shikibu.

What is called generosity is really compassion. In the "Shin'ei" is written: "Looking through the eye of compassion, there is nobody who does not deserve to be loved. He who has sinned should arouse even more our pity." There is no limit to the breadth and depth of our heart. There's room for everything. For this still worship the sages of the three ancient kingdoms (India, China and Japan) because their compassion reaches us yet to us today. Whatever you do, you have to do it for the sake of your master, your relatives, people in general and to posterity. This is great compassion. The love and wisdom that come from this are the real love and real wisdom. When one punishes or fight with the compassionate heart, everything he does will be limitless in strength and correctness. Do one thing only in the benefit itself is shallow and becomes negative. I have long understood the themes of wisdom and bravery. Now I'm just beginning to understand the theme of compassion. The Lord Ieyasu said: "The basis for governing a country in peace is compassion and when you consider the people as their own child, the people he considers as his own father." Also do not have to think that the names of "father of the group" and "child in the group" (ie team leader and member) of lso from harmonious hearts of a parent-child relationship? It is thus to be understood that the words of the Lord Naoshige: "A fault finder will come to be punished for others comes from his compassion. His sentence: "The principle is beyond reason" must also be considered compassion. He said enthusiastically that one has to prove the unlimited.


Ittei Master said: "Progress in calligraphy is to create harmony between the parchment, brush and ink." They have as much tendency to be disunited!

Tannen Monk said: "It could happen that a smart host not ascend. But there are no cases where a server may have been stupid to leave the lot."

Suffering OK

Ittei Master also said: "To act properly, in a word: it is necessary to endure suffering." Not accepting suffering is bad. It is a suffering that has no exception.

Make Too

According to the ancients, a Samurai should be noted for its excessive toughness. One thing done in moderation can be judged inadequate. We need to "do much" to avoid mistakes. It's the kind of principle should not be forgotten. When one has decided to kill someone, even if the company seems difficult to achieve, certainly no use trying to do with devious means. The heart may weaken, may miss the opportunity and, ultimately, anything can fail. The Way of the Samurai is the immediate action and is therefore preferable to "jump head first." Once, a man was on his way to go to hear the Sutras in Jissoin in Kawakami. One of his pages got drunk and looking for a fight with a sailor. As they approached, the page he drew his sword and the sailor, seizing a pole, beat him in the head. At the same time, the other sailors took oars and were about to hit the page when the master came. He pointed out that was not aware of anything and then another page was to apologize to the marines. He calmed his companion and accompanied him to his house, but then realized that somebody had stolen his sword. The lesson to be extracted is as follows: first, do not have disapproved and sanctioned the page on the ship is negligence of the master course, even if the page had operated without consideration, since he was beaten in the head no longer was no room for excuses. The Master should have gone to the page and the sailor drunk, as if to excuse himself and then killed them both. Obviously, this love did not have "Spirit."

Naoshige The Lord said: "The value of an ancestor is measured by the child's behavior. A child should act in ways that honor his ancestor and not so dishonor you. This is really filial piety".

When did Seppuku Shogen Nakano, members of his clan, gathered at Oki Hyōbu house, made critical comments about him. Hyōbu said, "Do not speak ill of someone who has died and who has been convicted should arouse our pity particular. Samurai is the duty of praise, if only a bit. There is no doubt that in twenty years will tell of Shogen I was a faithful servant. " These comments are those of a mature man.

When you meet someone, you should quickly capture their character and react appropriately to each. When you meet someone who likes to argue, is necessary to face him and win for the superiority of logic, but without being too harsh, to avoid any resentment. It is both something of the heart and some words. This advice was given by a priest. "

The Status of the Samurai

If you should briefly summarize the status of the Samurai, I would say first is devoted in body and soul to a master. Second I would say it is necessary to cultivate the understanding, compassion and courage. The position of these three virtues together may seem impossible to be common, but easy. Intelligence is not knowing more than talk about one thing and another with others, thus securing an infinite wisdom. Compassion act consists of being good to others by comparing them and giving them the choice. Courage is knowing clenching. Is this enough to do this under any circumstances. Everything beyond these three virtues, is not useful to know. Thirdly, as regards its external appearance, it is necessary to take care of their appearance, their manner of expression and perfected in calligraphy. This is not just a matter of course that needs to be improved with constant practice. On the basis of all this we need to feel in the presence of a calm strength. When she has done all this, you will need to learn the history of our land and its customs. Then we study some recreational gear. Be a Samurai is, after all, very simple. If you look at those who today are of any use, you will realize that these three conditions are met.

The brave men of the past were mostly noisy exuberance was a sign of strength and bravery. As I doubted it, Tsunetomo replied: "You can understand that their powerful vitality has made them tough and exuberant people. Today, men have lost this joy noisy because its vitality is lower. The sap is exhausted but his character has improved. The value is of another order. That they have lost vitality and sweetness won does not mean having less passion for death. This has nothing to do with vitality. " Although the Lord Tokugawa has ever won a battle, posterity has said about him. "Ieyasu was a brave general." None of his samurai died in the battlefield with their backs to the enemy. " All lay with her face turned toward the opposing ranks.

The End of Things

Yasuda Ukyo spleen following comment about the last glass of wine is offered: "Only the end of things is important." Everyone should look like this. When guests leave, say goodbye with regret is important. If this feeling is absent, you run the risk of being sick and all the pleasure of the day fades. You must constantly give the impression that you do something important. This is possible with a minimum of understanding.

The Situation

Uesugi Kenshin said, "I have not ever known what was to win from beginning to end, I just realized that I should not ever be inferior to the situation and this is important. It is annoying that a Samurai is not up to it. If we were not constantly under the situation, we do not ever feel embarrassed. "

We should be wary of talking about topics such as knowledge, morality, custom front of elders or people of high rank. It is unpleasant to hear.

Even though one had just been decapitated, still should be able to safely do one last thing. The last moments of Nitta Yoshisada prove it have had a weak spirit, would fall at the exact moment when his head was severed. This was also the case recently doken Ono. These facts relieved of determination. When you have martial valor and determination, even taking the severed head and dies, it remains as an avenging ghost.

The World Is Dream

That one is high lineage or of humble origin, rich or poor, young or old, enlightened or otherwise, we are all destined to die. We know this is unavoidable but we cling to the branches telling the others will die before us, we'll be the last. Death always seems distant. Is not this a misleading view and futile? Is not it an illusion, a dream? Should not be seeing things in a way that induced us to neglect. It should be brave and act quickly because death will come sooner or later hit our door.

Shame and repentance are comparable to the fact pour a jug of water. One of my friends has suffered compassion hearing the confession of one who had stolen his sword gala. When one wants to repair their mistakes, their traces disappear quickly.

A person of little knowledge is given an air of wisdom: it is a matter of inexperience. When fluent in something, does not stand out in our behavior: a person is educated.


The monk Keihan Aki realized that the Lord had said one day that virtue was the quintessential martial fanaticism. I found that this coincided with my own conviction and from then I am more and more extreme in my fanaticism.

When I did the following question: "What not to do that is never a samurai daimyo to serve?" I was answered: "A samurai should not and drinking too much or be too sure of himself or given to lust. " In times of difficulty, these weaknesses have only rarely be met. So, have only limited impact. But when times get better, life gets easier. Then these three defects become susceptible to have dire consequences. Examine closely the career of people who know. As they begin to feel the triumph, they become arrogant beyond measure, are delivered to a luxury unforgivable. It's good to face difficulties in youth because he has not ever suffered has not fully hardened character. A Samurai is discouraged or leaves the face of evidence, are of no use.


In the final analysis, the only thing that counts is the resolution of time. A samurai takes a decision after the other and filled all his life. Once you understand this basic rule does not have to ever express impatience or find something else to the present moment. Its existence flows naturally, focuses on their decisions. However, people tend to forget this rule of conduct. Learning to comply with its decisions without deviation, can not be done without reaching a certain age. Even when one has attained enlightenment, and if the individual does not fully acknowledge that their determination is always present. If someone has to end if only one resolution, Saturday: thus revealed as a gesture of loyalty is rarely disturbed: it reveals a gesture of loyalty and respect to their faith.

The Nostalgia of the Past

We can not change our time. As living conditions deteriorate regularly is proof that one has entered the final stage of destiny. Indeed, one can not be constantly in the spring or summer, you can enjoy either permanently, so it is acting in vain endeavor to change the nature of the present time to find again the happy days of last century. The error of those who cultivate the nostalgia of the past is that they do not capture this idea. But those who only have regard for the present and hate affect the past, seem to be very superficial.

Daily Review

You must teach the young samurai martial virtues so that each is satisfied to be the bravest warrior in Japan. In parallel, the young samurai should evaluate their progress daily with respect to the Way and as quickly as possible to get rid of their imperfections. This test is provided daily to achieve the goal sought.


While walking I was thinking, it occurred to me that human beings are extraordinary and intelligent articulated puppets. Although they are suspended by wires, they can jump, walk, talk. How are beautifully designed! But from now until the Buddhist festival, they can die and come to visit in the form of spirits. What more futile existence! People always seem to forget.

When the water rises ...

There is a proverb which says: "When the water rises, the boat too." In other words, the face of difficulties, the powers are intensified. It is true that the valiant men seriously cultivate their talents when the difficulties they are facing are important. It is an unforgivable mistake left crushed by the difficulties.


 Now is the Hour

Joch The teacher said one day his son Gomojo this maxim: "Now is the time and the time is now." We tend to think that everyday life is different from a moment of crisis, so when the time for action arrives, we are never ready. If you are calling us to talk to the Daimyo or are sent on a mission not find words to express. These attitudes indicate that continuously differentiate between "time" in the broad sense and "the present moment. Understand the term: "The time is now" means constantly prepare for unforeseen events. A samurai should always be willing to clearly express themselves in public, to be called in front of the Daimyo or even to meet with official figures, even with the same Shogun in person. Never mind that this will happen or not, one must be willing permanently. This readiness to act is to apply the method to perform all our actions, both in the military arts and in civic duties.

If the gods has ignored my prayers because I've been tainted by the blood of the enemy, I can do nothing except continue my acts of devotion without worrying about the stain. Even though the gods did not love the blood stains, I have my own way of seeing things. I never forget my daily hours of prayer. Even if in the field of battle, I splashed blood or stumbling on corpses that lay at my feet, I have confidence in the efficacy of my prayers dedicated to the gods to achieve military success and assure a long life.


Human life only lasts a moment, it is necessary to have the strength to live it doing what we like. In this world fleeting as a dream, to live in suffering not only doing things we dislike is sheer madness. However, this principle ill understood, can be harmful, so I decided not to teach young people ... I love sleeping. In response to the current world situation, I think the best I can do is go back to sleep at my house.

It often happens that a man who has great capacity to trial and is aware of its value, become increasingly arrogant. It's hard to really know their qualities but is still more difficult to admit their qualities. Kaion is the Zen master who has made these reflections.


Dignity and Sincerity

The dignity of a being is measured by the external impression it gives. There is dignity in hard work and diligence, in the serenity and discretion. There is dignity in observing the rules and in righteousness. There is dignity to grit your teeth and keep your eyes open: these attitudes are visible from the outside. What is crucial is to act with dignity and sincerity.

Nakano Kazuma said: "It is a sign of pettiness and lack of taste to use a set of cups and spent for the tea ceremony." The new tools are more convenient. Some people may think it is better to use tools already frayed because of the nature of their origin. These two views are equally erroneous. The ancient objects have been used by people, certainly modest, but its great antiquity gives them a certain nobility. Old tools I have proved their quality in the hands of people of high rank. It is being held and used by his owner who has increased his value. One can have a similar argument about the duty of the Samurai. A man of modest origins who achieved some renown and has a high social position, is equipped with outstanding qualities clearly. However, some people will always find unpleasant rubbing shoulders with a man of dubious pedigree, which always refuses to regard as a superior officer who was far more than just a soldier.

Basically, a man who has excelled in the lot, could only do so because they had more ability and merit than those initially place yourself on a step higher. Therefore we must always show him more respect.

When you look for something essential to do, is to know how to stay away from the Lord of a manor, official personalities and advisers. When you spend time "turning around" to his superiors and to be suspended from his lips, it becomes difficult to carry out the projects. It is a maxim which should not be forgotten.

Is it wrong to murmur, however, is no better praise people at all times. A samurai must know your size, observe discipline and talk without being distracted as little as possible.

A brave man should remain unmoved and never give the impression of being overwhelmed. Only the little people whose character reveals aggressive, looking for fame at any price and collide with all who attend.

In a debate or discussion sometimes you have to know how to lose early to do so with elegance. Similarly, if the sumo wrestling, winning at any cost, one gets to cheat, it becomes worse than a loser and, at the same time, defeated and lacking in elegance.

Pride (2)

Someone once said: "There are two types of pride, the internal and external. A samurai does not have the two is of doubtful utility." Pride can be compared with the blade of a sword. Should be sharpened and then reinserted into the sheath. Occasionally, it is drawn, sustained and cleaned for re-sheathing. If a Samurai sword is always drawn, if it is ever built, people will fear and will be difficult to have friends. If, however, do not ever take it out of its sheath, the blade lagente mildew and no longer fear the wearer.

Sudden Intuition

Should be heard with respect and gratitude the words of a man of great experience, even if he speaks of things we already know. It happens sometimes that after ten or twenty times heard the same thing, one has a sudden insight and intuition that transcends the usual significance. There is a tendency to look from the top to the elderly people no longer take seriously their comments. But we should do the opposite, remembering that have had the benefit of a long and real experience.

Our Opinion

As I stressed in my crazy thoughts (a manual of behavior for my son-Samurai written Gonojo), the ne plus ultra of service of a Samurai is cleverly able to express their own opinion, as qualified men the feud, which are Daimyo experienced advisers. When one has understood this, not matter what one thinks or what he does. But no one has understood so far. There are few people whose intelligence is sufficient to comply with this principle. Some, more concerned with their personal advancement, use of flattery and flattery to improve their situation. Such people only eat low ambitions and may not reach the level of a statesman experienced. Some more recent calculators still see no interest in becoming good Samurais and spend time reveling in the "Essays on laziness" or the poetry of Sagya. However, from my point of view, Kenko and Sagya are just cowards, and they were unable to assume the functions of Samurai dealing with disdain these problems, prevailing religious title withdrawn from the world. Even today, although I think it's good for these monks and elderly people devoted to this literature, it is preferable to have the ambition to be a true Samurai, although taken over by their struggle to penetrate the world, endeavor to perfect and loyally serving his master. Even if only if he be sunk in the heart of hell.


When the Lord Naoshige went through a place called Chiriqui, he said: "For here lives an old man, whose age is over ninety years. This man is so fortunate that you should stop you to say hello." Naoshige heard and answered: "Who can be more wretched than this man?" How many children and grandchildren have already seen it disappear? Where is their fate? " Not stopping to greet the elderly.



I have been told that Mr. Naoshige had said one day: "There is a time when everyone is happy and friendly and it's time where you relax. However, there are always things you regret after having made or said. "



During a hunt in a place called Shiroishi, master Katsushige killed a huge boar. All around him admiring the extraordinary beast just to kill. Suddenly, left for dead wild boar got up and charged. The members of the procession of love, surprised, panicked and fled. At that time, Matabei Nabeshima, quick as lightning, shot the boar and caught him. The master Katsushige covered his face with his sleeve and said: "The air is thick with dust." Obviously, he made this gesture to avoid seeing the confusion of sycophants.

A man, Hyogo Naritomi, once said: "True victory means the defeat of your friend. Make your ally means to achieve victory over yourself, is the victory of spirit over the body." A Samurai has the daily duty and cultivate his mind and exercise your body so that no-one thousand allies, could reach it. Without this, it will certainly be unable to defeat an enemy.

 A Secret Method

When you go out for a major mission before you do, put saliva on the lobes of your ears, breathe deeply, throw and break an object between your hands. It is a secret method. Similarly, if you feel that you blood goes to your head, put saliva on your earlobes and you will feel better immediately.

Always be considered as natural skills and competence of a Samurai, in whatever unique way that makes their exploits. If your results are similar to those of his contemporaries, is considered to be of little value. However, if a person does something careless either a slightly above average, will be greatly praised.

Words (2)

The best attitude to words is not using them. If you think you can do without using them, not talk. What must be said should be provided in the most concise, logical and clear as possible. A surprising number of people are ridiculed speaking without thinking and they disregard other so much.


Loyalty to the Death

The absolute loyalty on the death should be put into practice every day. We begin each morning meditating quietly, thinking about the last moment and imagining the different ways to die: dead by an arrow, a shot pierced by a sword, submerged by the waves, jumping into a fire, beaten by lightning, crushed by an earthquake, falling from a cliff, the victim of an illness or suddenly. We start the day thinking about death. As an old saying: "When abandon your roof, you enter into the kingdom of the dead, when abandon your threshold, you find the enemy." This statement does not advocate prudence but a firm resolve to die.


Small Failures

If you throw you to a company, do not worry about the minor problems. It is not serious than a Samurai becomes apparent selfish from time to time, if otherwise is perfectly loyal and devoted to his master if he is brave and generous as a rule. In fact, it is rather bad to be always perfect in all things, because then we tend to forget that we can make mistakes. A man who is thrown into the adventure can not make mistakes. Indeed, what does it matter, a man who cultivates the honor and integrity, at least make a decision?

When Nabeshima Tadanao was only fifteen years, a servant in the kitchens committed an offense and one of the guards wanted to kill him, but what happened is that the end was the servant who killed him. The elders of the clan called for his death, arguing that this man had left his position and had shed the blood of his opponent. Tadanao heard this said, What is the most damning thing, go out of their range, or deviation from the path of Samurai? The Elders did not know what to say. Tadanao then said: "I read that when the offense is not really clear, the punishment should be light. Arrestadlo for a while."

When the Lord Katsusuhige was young, the Lord Naoshige his father taught him this: "To train yourself to cut with a sword, go to cut the head off some sentenced to death." This was done. In the square, which is located inside the walls of the West Gate had men lined up and beheaded Katsushige the succession. When he reached the tenth, she realized she was young and strong and said: "I'm tired, I forgive this man's life." This man was pardoned.

When Lord Takanobu was at the battlefield of Bungo, a messenger from the enemy camp to bring a gift wine, sake and food. Takanobu going to do the deal when his men stopped him saying: "The gifts of the enemy are likely poisoned, General, you should not even touch them." Takanobu heard them and said: "Even if the food is poisoned, how can change the destiny? Do come to the messenger!, Drank three large glasses, offered one by one, gave him his answer and sent it back to its Camp.

Cowardice Wort

When the fall of the castle of Arima, on the 28th in the vicinity of the citadel, Mitsuse Genbei sat on a dock in the middle of the fields. When Nakano came by and asked him why he was there, Mitsuse replied: "I have stomach pains and I can not go one step further. I have sent my men to the assault I beg you to take command. This was repeated for a witness. It was felt that he was a coward and was sentenced to be Seppuku. For a long time, abdominal pains were called "cowardice grass." They come without warning and immobilize the man.

Nakama Uemonnosuke Taaki was killed on the twelfth day of the eighth month of the year Eiroku during the war between the Lords Goto and Hirai of Suko on the island of Kabashima in the region of Kishima. Before going into the enemy lines Shihibu hugged his son (later nicknamed Jin'emon) in the garden and said: "When you grow up gets the honor by the Way of the Samurai." Since then, even when the children of his family were very young, Yamamoto Jin'emon brought them together and told them: "Go forth and be brave warriors, be diligent to your Lord." He added. "It's good to whisper these things to your ears even if they are too young to understand."

When Sahei Kiyoji, Ogawa Toshikiyo legitimate son, died, was very young. Among the Samurai there was a man who was running to become the temple Seppuku.


Grab Chance

When Taku Nagato no kami Yasuyori died Yataemon Koga said that, having failed to return to his master all the benefits that had given him, was to become the sepukku. Uesugi Kenshin was one day the following comment: "I do not know recipes to ensure victory. All I know is that we must grab every opportunity and never let it go." This commentary is not without interest.

Mastering Allies

"What is called winning is, first, to dominate its allies," said Narutomi Hyogo. "Mastering his allies is dominant and dominated body is monitored closely. If you're in a situation comparable to a man surrounded by ten thousand allies, none of which would follow. If you have not previously known to dominate the spirit and a body can not overcome your enemy "

When the rebellion of Shibam, but his armor was left in the camp, Shugo Echigo no Kami Tanenao was launched into battle wearing only a blouse and a Hakama (haori). They say it was found dressed like that.

When the attack took place at Castle Shibam, Tazaki Geki clothed in armor, richly colorful. The Lord Katsushige was upset about it and since then, every time you felt a bit excessive, said: "It's the same thing Geki's armor." Given this story, armor and military equipment too bright can be considered as signs of weakness and lack of strength. Reveal the true nature of the leads.

When Nabeshima died Tadanao Hizen no Kami, the Samurai Ezoe Kimbei took his remains and had them devote at Mount Koya. He retired to a secluded place, he carved a statue of his master and another by representing to him, bowing to his master. Following the first anniversary of the death of Tadanao, returned home and became sepukku. The statue was later moved to Mount Koya Koenji.

Mitsushige The Lord was in his bodyguard a Samurai named Oishi Kosuge. When our Lord went to his other residence in Edo, Kosuge had a habit of constantly spinning their apartments. When an area was considered dangerous, there unrolled a mat and spent the night watching. If it rained, only shelter was a large bamboo hat and a dress oiled, protected in this way, he stood and watched the place despite the rain that penetrated. Until he died did not miss a single night to the sound rule.

At the age of five years, at the request of Jin'emon, his father, Yamanote Kichizaemon killed a dog with a sword, at the age of fifteen years had to run the same way a criminal. It was customary at that time. This is how the Lord Katsushige, still very young, commanded by the Lord Katsushige, still very young, commanded by the Lord Naoshige executed more than ten convicted on. This practice was common among the upper classes for a long time but now even the children of the lower classes come to this type of execution and that is grossly negligent. To say that you can live without having the merit of killing a condemned because it is a crime, a villainy and a blemish, it is not an excuse. We should rather think they are those with a weak martial virtue those who care not to stain your hands. If one probes the minds of those who consider these practices distasteful, you realize you are looking for excuses to call upon the reason, it is too sensitive to do so. However, Naoshige had ordered because it was a desirable practice. Last year, I went to a place of execution called Kase to check the strength of my hand and I found it was a good thing. I found it very well. Think that is impressive is a sign of cowardice.

Beat Disease

Diseases and things like become serious because of our own feelings. I was born when my father was seventy-one years and so I was a sickly boy. But because they had the desire to be useful, even in old age, I tried the lot when it came time and since then I've never been sick. I abstained from sex and I used moxa cautery. These are things that definitely have an effect. There is a saying that even if a burn a "mamushi" seven times, will return to its original shape. This is my great hope. I've always been an idea: being able to fulfill the desire of my heart, which is reborn seven times as a member of my clan.

Jin'emon Yamamoto says the best thing for a Samurai is to have good followers. Military affairs are not subject to a single person, by attempting to be more effective. Money is one thing you can borrow from people, but a good man is not something that appears suddenly. One must keep a man kindly and well from the beginning. And to have followers means not only feeding yourself. If you divide what you have and feeds even the lower-status people will be able to keep good men.



t is said that at the end of each meeting of its clan, Hyōbu Oki said: "Young people should always strive to increase their determination and courage. This can be achieved when the courage is rooted in the heart. When the sword is broken, there to grapple with the hands. When hands are amputated, we must make use of the shoulders. When the shoulders are cut, you have to bite the neck of ten to fifteen enemy. This is really brave. "



This was Nakano Shikibu comment. When you're young, you may be embarrassed all her life for homosexual acts. Not understanding this is dangerous. Because no one informs young people about this topic I will give some indications. It should be understood that a woman is faithful to one man. Your feelings go to one person for life. If this is not so, is the same as sodomy or prostitution. It is a shame for a warrior. Ihara Saikaku has written this famous sentence which says: "An adolescent without an adult lover is like a woman without a husband." This type of person is ridiculous. A young man should test an adult at least five years and if you are unsure of the intentions of this person may also order relations. A lighter person will not enter deeply into relationship and then leave his mistress. If you can attend and give their lives to each other, then their nature can be ascertained. But if one of the two is not honest, the other has to say that there are obstacles to the relationship and firmly away. If the first question, what obstacles there are, the other has to say not to tell in his life. If the former insists, you have to get angry, if continues to tighten, then kill him. It follows that the adult has to discover the motives of the young in the manner described. If the youth can give himself and be in this position for five or six years, then be trusted. Above all do not have to split a two-way. Efforts should be made to follow the Way of the Samurai.

Ryotetsu Hoshino was the progenitor of homosexuality in our province and although he had many followers, he instructed each one individually. Edayoshi Saburozaemon was a man who understood the foundation of homosexuality. One day as he accompanied his master to Edo Ryotetsu Saburozaemon asked: "What you have understood homosexuality?" Saburozaemon replied: "It's nice and nasty at the same time." Ryotetsu was happy with this answer and said: "You thought a long time and effort to answer this." A few years later someone asked Saburozaemon the meaning of this response. He replied: "Give your life for another is the basic principle of homosexuality. If this does not, is an embarrassment. But then they have not given up anything for entrusting yourselves to your master. Therefore is said to be something simultaneously pleasant and unpleasant. "

In the twelfth section of chapter fifty of Ryoan-kyo, is the following anecdote: In the province of Hizen, lived a man originally from Taku. He wanted to smallpox but, despite this, join forces to storm the castle came Shimada. Her relatives tried to dissuade him: "With a disease as serious, even if you get there, it will be useless." "I will be satisfied even if I die on the road. My teacher has received in his generous kindness. How could I not now be of any use?" It was toward the enemy. This was despite the cold winter and did not take care of your health. No more than usual dressed and left his armor. It did not take remedies against the disease. But eventually restored. Occurred, therefore the opposite of what was expected, it was necessary to be to infection. When the Lord knew this Shozo Suzuki, said: "Is not purified to sacrifice his life? A man who gives his life on behalf of righteousness, has no need to invoke the God of smallpox. All the Gods of heaven protect it. "

A few years ago when there was a recitation of sutras in Jissoin Kawakami, five or six men Konyamachi and Tashiro around went to rest and the way back decided to take a drink. A house Samurai Kizuka Kyuzaemon declined the proposal of their peers and turned for home before nightfall. During that night, his colleagues were involved in a fight and killed several people. The Samurai Kyuzaemon knew during the night and went immediately to talk with their peers. He heard his version and said: "I guess you going to do a report. I pray you declaréis I was there and I've been involved in deadly combat. I say the same to Kyuzaemon. Because this fight is everyone's concern, I I will face death with you all. That is my deepest desire. In fact, if I tell my master that I'm back soon, I believe, is an austere man Kyuzaemon. Even if researchers excuse me, I will run in front of their eyes for cowardice and regret that I would die with a bad reputation. Die die, I prefer to have killed someone. If you accept, I nail the sword in the belly right now. " Having no choice, agreed. When she investigated, the true circumstances were discovered and learned that the Samurai had returned home immediately. The researchers were very impressed and honored. I have heard only the broad outlines of this story. I will look in detail later.

Nabeshima Aki no Kami was eating when a visitor arrived and had to leave his plate as it is. Shortly afterwards, one of their servers sat in front of tray and began to eat fried fish. Just then Lord Aki came and struck the servant, who escaped, frightened. The Lord Aki yelled: "It Takes a slave mentality to eat at the plate started by someone else." Sat back and finished her plate. This story was told by Jin'emon. It is said that this server was one of those who committed suicide when his master died.

Ichiguyen was a small server at the orders of Lord Takanobu. Due to a disagreement that had on the fight, with his sword killed seven or eight men and was sentenced to commit seppuku. When Lord Takanobu knew, he used his clemency and said, "Our nation is now aware of a tumultuous time. The gallant men are of great importance and this man seems to have a great bravery." So when the fighting took place along the river Uti, Lord Takanobu took Ichiguyen with him. That achieved a glory unrivaled by rushing to the forefront and decimate enemy every load. In the battle of Tagaki, Ichiguyen ventured into the enemy ranks as the Lord Takanobu, prisoner of remorse, had to call back. Unfortunately, his art could not move and was only throwing it in the battle that could take Ichiguyen arm. Her head was and who had nursed numerous injuries sustained by applying a thin sheet napkin.

Fukuchi Rokurouemon When he left the castle, the palanquin of a lady who seemed to be senior walked past the house of the Lord Tabu guard and the man was to be greeted with great care. However, a halberd carrier who accompanied the palanquin out to him and said, "You have not tipped enough and hit him with the handle of his halberd. The guard touched his head and noticed he was bleeding. He got up and said: "You have committed a degrading action when I have been polite. It is a disgrace." And killed the bearer of the halberd with a single blow of his sword. The palanquin continued on his way, Rokurouemon lifted his spear and said, "Put up your sword, wield the sword is prohibited on the castle grounds." The man replied, "What just happened was inevitable and were the circumstances that dictated my behavior. I probably you will have noticed it. I sheathe again but it is hard to do given the tone of your voice. I will be happy to answer your challenge. " Rokurouemon immediately dropped his spear and said: "You are unreasonable. Rokurouemon My name is Fukuchi. Testify that your conduct has been exemplary. Moreover, I argue at the risk of my life. Now, I ask you envainéis your sword." "With great pleasure." Said the guard, and sheathed. Nagato said Taku serve Yasuyori No Kami. Therefore Rokuroemon accompanied him and described the incidents. However, knowing that the Lady of the palanquin was the wife of a nobleman, Lord Nagato ordered to be Seppuku. Rokurouemon then said: "I have given my word of Samurai. If this man is guilty I am going to commit seppuku first." It is said that this story ended with no further consequences.

A group of men had assembled a day in the Citadel Square inside the castle when someone Shouemon Uchida said: "They say you teach the art of the sword, but if you judged by your daily behavior ought to lack of cleanliness. If you asked to be the assistant of a Seppuku I have the impression that instead of cutting the base of the neck, cortaríais the crown. " Shouemon said: "This case is not true, draw a small dot in ink on the base of your neck and I'll show you how I can cut without missing or the thickness of a hair."

Tokaido Road, Nagayama Rokurozaemon stopped at Hamatsu. When passing in front of a shelter, a beggar approached her palanquin and said, "I Echigo Ronin, I have no money and I'm in trouble. We're both Bushi. I beg you to help me." Rokurozaemon became angry and said: "It's insulting to say that we are both Bushi. In your place, I had stuck a sword in the belly, rather than continue wandering, exposing your shame; cortaos stomach right now." It is said that the beggar away.

In the course of a ritual Seppuku, assistant head off taking care to leave a small piece of meat so that the head does not remain completely separate from the trunk. An official observer said: "It's not over." The Kaishaku, angry, grabbed her head, cut the piece of meat, raised his head to eye level and said, "Look!" It was pretty impressive. It was a story of the Lord Sukeemon. Once happened that the head "fly." It was said that it was better to leave a small piece of meat that would prevent the head being projected on the officers. Now, the custom is to cut the head completely. One man who had cut off fifty heads once said: "Sometimes the trunk of a body whose head you cut you do not leave indifferent. For the first three, do not you notice anything, the fourth or fifth, and you begin to feel something. As this point is of extreme importance, if you decide to cut heads, you have to do it without making any mistakes. "

When Lord Nabeshima Tsunashige was a child, Ivamura Kuranosuke was responsible for caring for him. One day, Kuranosuke, seeing that gold had been placed before the young Tsunashige asked the server: "Why are these coins here?" The server replied: "The Lord had just learned that he had made a gift and as I had not seen it yet, I've brought." Kuranosuke strongly criticized the server and said: "Placing these objects in front of an important person is in bad taste. Cuidad they are not ever in front of the son of the Lord. The servers must be vigilant." Again, the Lord Tsunashige, who was then twenty years, he went to the ranch for fun Naeskiyama. When the train came near the hacienda, called a cane to walk. The charge of the watch of his sandals, Miura Jibuzaemon, he built one with a stick. Koranosuke saw him, seized the stick quickly and harshly rebuked Jibuzaemon: "Do you want our young master gets soft? Give this stick, even if the claim is negligence." Jibuzaemon was later promoted to the rank of Tsunetomo Teakiyari and he learned directly from him.

When Sagara Kyuma was promoted to first ordinance, Nabeshima Heizaemon said: "For some reason I do not know the love ever gives me more confidence and just appointed to a high position. Not having any server personally, I fear that my affairs suffer for it. That's why we ask you a favor to give me Akasa Jibusaemon to your server. " Heizaemon listened and replied: "I agree and it is an honor for me that ye noticed my server." When informed Jibusaemon the news, he said: "I think it my duty to personally deliver my response to Mr Kyuma." He went home and had a meeting with him: "I think it is a great honor to have been approached to be your servant, but a Samurai would not know love change. You have a high rank, would be overwhelmed if I return your server, but at the same Time would be a dishonor. Heizaemon is a smaller range, life is hard for him, live cheap rice soup, however, is very sweet. I beg you to take all this into account. " Kyuma was extremely impressed by this attitude.

Nakano Jinemon used to say: "A man who only serves his Lord, if treated with kindness is not a Samurai. The one who does when it is harsh and irrational, this is a Samurai. You must impregnaros of this principle.




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