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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Intermittent Training


It is "the" choice when it comes to cover training

the characteristics of traditional karate

(As distinct interval training,
is not the same)

What are their characteristics?

Receive two - at most three-strokes concatenated

and back to position "hold."

This is a substantial difference between traditional and sport.

Traditional art is pure, highly refined.

And in fact, very "thrifty" very "economic"
in their movements.

How can we "copy" that form of combat
the time to train?

It is not difficult.

We must remember that the more specific
is our physical training, much better
results will be obtained at the hour of battle.


Because the only known brain

a way of acting: the best, specific.

Must not make a "switch" between various options.

That is, choice.

If the brain must choose, we lose;

If the brain has to adapt, we lose.

Who has not become a
weights session "destroyed"

experience pain in the muscles the next day?

Despite having a large physical capacity on the Dojo,

from "hold" without problems several battles,

returned home destroyed

after a single session of "complementary."

This happens because we are working on

on a completely

different specific karate.

What option will let our body, but to adapt?

Well, try to adapt with dire consequences
for daily practice.

This adaptation consuming tremendous amounts of
nutrients, energy and above all, time, effort
and daily hassles.

All for what reason?

Traditional Karate is: 2 or 3 seconds of technique

(Speed - power)

and about 6-10 seconds

"Transition" to the next action.
Only 2 or 3 seconds

and a few seconds

of recovery.

Think about that.

Traditional Karate is not boxing, not kickboxing

or sport karate.

No "wins" Who else pulls

(Like a machine gun)

Traditional Karate is a gun with one bullet:

point, shoot, reload ... and to restart the cycle

that is, point, shoot, reload ...
Traditional Karate is precision shooting.

And so, rather than another, we must train.

One for those who like jogging,

and one for indoor coaching.
If we run, we implement this system.

Think we're in a fight.

Our goal is:
ATTACK (peak around 3 seconds)

, and Reset (walking for 10 seconds)

Again ATTACK (chop for 3 seconds)

and RESET (10 seconds walk)

We did this procedure in our head:

we're getting a combination of three or four techniques
and assume the guard position again.

In the exercise, ie a sprint
(While only 1 to 2 - 3)

and assume guard and (recover 10 seconds)
and restarted.

In principle we can do about 20 times, so we do not take
more than 6 or 7 minutes.

The training uses micro intermitentese specific breaks, that can be adjusted to provide the work

of varying intensity. For now, start

a ratio of 1-3.
That is: what does the gesture,

multiply it by three.
Therefore, if a sink is 3 seconds

rest 10 seconds.
If it lasts 4 seconds, would rest 12 seconds.

3 x 10 or 4 x 12
More than 4 seconds, and is not intermittent

and we left the system.
So, since we can not recover

Agreed as breaks.

The training is intermittent

highly adaptable to work with weights, but that we will see later.

For anyone who wants to train indoors

can exercise with a punching bag.
In the same way

explained above, but with the added advantage of being more realistic training.

Again, 3 seconds at high intensity, real, that is, with speed, power.

Then assume the position on duty for 9 seconds.

The rest may consist of small

plus travel to emulate real combat.

The action, punches, kicks, or both.

Times must be strictly adhered to and recovery action, the proportions: 3 x 9 or 4 x 12, since it depends on all the adjustment that provides intermittent training.

- This type of work will provide a high capacity

adaptation to specific intermittent gesture traditional Karate.

- Similarly, the recovery of both the physical training session, and the technical session will be increased, just to be working

always on the same energy substrates, always on the same metabolic pathway, it is fat.



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