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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Shihan Joan Torán

Toran Joan began the practice of Karate in the year 1980 and thanks to the teachings of his teacher Shihan Juan Antonio Sheriff, was recognized by their black belt degrees by the founder of Oyama Masutatsu Sosai style.

Alternatively, combining the study has been
Kyokushinkai of the Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido, focusing
to investigate the development and progression of Karate, gaining knowledge that has been reflected in their students, these being recognized by the different federations and associations both for its technical quality as for its high level of combat racing (unbeaten for several years Cptos. De Catalunya and Spain, reaching these to be the first team in the Cpto. Kyokushinkai World held in 2002).

Interest in learning led him to work with different masters of Karate style regardless of the stage, and became a member recognized by Hombu (headquarters style) of Japan in 1987, under number 58 522 and signed by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.
In the 80s I decide to teach this style, beginning his teaching at the Gymnasium Betulo. After this start your school attachment to our city and this development led to the creation of the Sports and Cultural Association NAROT DOJO, which is dedicated to the theory and practice, ranging from Karate basis, both the high competition in Katas and Kumite (sparring).


BD2000: Why did you become interested in learning Kyokushin Karate?
J. Toran: In the late '70s she began to emphasize a style of Karate that their effectiveness in real situations was demonstrated, being its most demanding practice and hard that he had "and how one would go the way it ... ... ... ... ... ... .. "anyway, although this was the hook that initially pushed me to initiate me then you realize there is much more behind.

BD2000: What do you say that there is so much more?

J. Toran: The practice of Kyokushinkai is not simply to bumps and jumps, Karate gives us another perspective on how to face life, from work and perseverance is going deeper into Eastern philosophy retrained to overcome the daily challenges that we are in this society.

BD2000: What type is the target audience this art?

J. Toran: The practice of Karate is beneficial for all ages, offered to students regardless of age or sex the opportunity to experience another culture, where respect, education, concentration and improvement are essential elements, both his philosophy and the physical work are linked and the mind-body benefits lead to a self-improvement that even we are amazed at what we can get a good discipline.

BD2000: Your practice is recommended for the "sin"?

J. Toran: The physical education aims at the personal development of children and adolescents. Because of its specificity, the practice of karate it contributes significantly both from the standpoint of motor and intellectual and moral. In addition to their appearance socialized, karate, its Japanese origins, open access original cultural dimension focuses on the martial art education.


Karate, enhance the ethical components to be placed in a central position, the respect for people and places of practice. Develop a culture which promotes self-control, while impeding impulsive behaviors and violence.

BD2000: Until what age can work Karate?

J. Toran: Actually Karate is a sport, is certainly a way of understanding life, meet people employed under 70 years attending classes with the same enthusiasm and desire that young people, and that is an example to all practitioners who see in this way that the benefits of perseverance and continuity offers the possibility of having a full life.

BD2000: What prospects for the future is in Badalona for lovers of Kyokushinkai?

J. Toran: our city have the good fortune of having a "large minority" who are followers of this martial art, hence the name of Badalona always present in sporting events at regional, national and international, with a track more than acceptable but to continue in this line we need to worry for giving quality education and all I ask those practicing or future serious karateka are well informed before choosing a school, knowing that Karate is not just competition or sport, is much more.


"Work and persevere against all pressures, is the way to gain strength and wisdom."                                                                                              


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