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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Games Karate classes


You can use a mat or two belts on the floor in a circle.

With a partner you try (without hitting) him out of the circle and keep away for as long as it allows the instructor. Later, you can do the opposite, trying to get him inside without the leave and will not go away.

This can be done standing with both hands, one hand, his arms folded, shoulder, back.



With a circle made of two belts or mats on the floor, puts the spider on the mosquito and is running around the class. At the instructor's voice goes hunting spider mosquito and when they touch, this is thrown to the ground and plays dead. The spider will be entered into the circle as the instructor says, dragging a donkey, etc ... with or without cooperation of the mosquito. (Look out for ways of carrying the mosquito will all depend on the age and technology for transport)

The two will have to have more or less equal weight.

This game is very suitable for work force.


All students running and one on all fours on the ground like a crocodile. You have to catch the non-disabled peers and are just touching up the companion to help him catch the others and so on until everyone is touched, and transformed into crocodiles.

This game is very suitable for working with agility and dodging.

PUSH AND PULL OUT GAMES (strength and agility)

° Fight, pulls, pushes .- Shoulders, forearms, back, lower legs, on the floor shoulder to shoulder, hand pulling, etc. ..

· Circle fighter .- Make a circle, trying not to break or that do not put your foot on a campus previously drawn on the ground with belts.

Browse .- · Casting out without hitting outside the circle, stretch and charged to the players. Standing cunclillas, donkey, equipment, etc. ..

° Exhaust .- A circle of players and one inside or several, to the signal trying to escape.

· Gulliver and dwarves .- Team of 5 or 6 children in one side of the end of the belt and the other the teacher. Put a mark to see who loses in passing through.

· Queen Seat (9-15 years) .- Carry a child who sits in the arms of two teammates.


· Kangaroos .- A child counts and turning has to do with that move they move from one line jumping. When you see has to return to the line.

· Skip to leapfrog and pass under

• Two foot grabbed by one hand, the 3rd is based on their shoulders and jump over the arms. (10-15 years).

• A child squatting and the other jumps from one side to the other without touching him with your feet together.

° equals, but with banks

· Place rings on the floor, jumping from one to another ring


° Fight cock .- Arms crossed on his chest and jump on one leg. Variants (holding hands, clashing with the palms, the eliminated players will act as referees).

° Fight against squatting .- Hands hand or shoulder to shoulder holding his ankles.

· Arms out .- flexed position and each player tries to take an arm to fall to the floor, always supportive.

· Money from the position of the horse riding around without falling.

Money from truck weaving · feet behind the companion.

• 4 seats back to back and arms entwined, trying to get up at once and sit down.


· Hammock .- Abs from lying to sitting with their legs caught.

· The tunnel or worm .- Crawling beneath the legs of the group in a row.

The network .- 2 children catch a belt at each end and team, try to go under in less time crawling the entire team.


· Catch-chain, pan, etc. ..

Catch · belt

· To-go and sit still. Tulipan, stop, etc. ..

· Snap to the center of the gym.

· White-black center of the gymnasium in pairs (changes starting position, tmbados, cunclillas, legs intertwined, lying, etc. ..)

· Touching the third (pairs, the running is placed before it goes to run the back of the couple). In a circle. Variations, couples positions or running form.

· Catch caught in a circle by hand. One runs around to catch someone in the circle.

· Head and tail. A line 10 or more, 1 child is the head and tail last. The head has to catch the tail, which does not have to be caught.

· Race groups (heating). Rows, numbers, relocating warring groups.


b) change of departure and arrival position (monkey, rabbit, crawling, crab, feet together, side, one foot, running back, etc. ..)

b) shift is moving, couples, donkey, holding hands, back to back, cart, etc. ..

c) in groups, fun ways, shaking hands between the legs, (centipede) jumping, snake (one hand on the shoulder of teammate and fellow front takes us back leg and the whole group will hopscotch.

· Race by numbers .- In single file, or each row in a corner, feet close together, monkey, rabbit, etc ...

· Race in relay

· Race barriers in relay

Persecution · belts colors

• The couple separated

· Scarf. Couples taking the belt and reach the wall, also from the bottom of the wall to take the belt to the center.

· Exceed .- In pairs facing each other each in a different wall, trying to cross the gym without getting caught.

· Race parallel (sprints)

· .- Red Cross partners and bring them to catch type stretcher to the bottom of the gym.

• The he went to Sevilla .- make a circle and go jumping from behind, always one or two more players by circle

· Skip with a belt, rope type

• The cat perched .- it to high to play the whistle all change places

• The cat crouched .- can not be touched when the cat crouching

• The hunting of animals .- make 3 or 4 teams. One in the center and another team in front, the signal must cross the gym, the team the media should take the maximum of peers. The team with more kids take on a determined number passed to the gym.

· Call the shelter .- Around every corner is a computer in the center circle. A child begins to throw belts tied at the feet of another team, which is giving is getting in the middle. The teacher to slap must leave the shelter, two pats return to the refuge, the team wins more members to the signal has ended.

· Take between 3 to 4 º from the ground since seizing the arms and legs.


· Raising the contrary .- trying to embrace and lift the ground. Also back, starting from the position back, lying, etc. ..

· Sumotoris standing or kneeling

Push the contrary · shoulder to shoulder, grabbing back of the forearms, back to back pushing back on the floor in a position to grab one-handed push-ups and throw to see who hits the ground before. Sitting back to back, pushing to go back to see who give.

• In the form of rotating bending going to try to touch the feet of the partner.

· Peel of knights on horseback.

• The king of the mountain, in a circle cunclillas tries to topple the king only pushing with your hands.


Obviously you have to do with a gym that has trellises.

· Who can climb?

• The faster the front and back

Lying next to espalier and down on the first step, go up the feet to stick to the trellis doing a handstand.




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