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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

The Karate Kids

Karate is one of the disciplines that can contribute most in the formative process of the child, it develops both physical and emotional status, significantly improving their academic performance and their relationship with others.

 His practice concentration exercises
       Building a habit that will help you in your studies or work

 Generates respect and education
       Making you more sympathetic to their peers by creating positive attitudes to society.

 It gives confidence and security
       Making you feel confident of its ability in different situations of everyday life

 Will keep you in shape
       Giving your body the flexibility and incentives that will improve your fitness, reflexes and        motor skills, which promote their development.


The concept of school, defined as formation of the individual while respecting the different stages of evolution and development of the individual through adulthood, it is very important in Kyokushinkai Karate.

Are structured by age groups work respecting the characteristics of each. We want to make the child aware of his physical improvements and acquire knowledge to achieve a balanced person.

This is what differentiates the martial art of the practice of other sports, whether individual or team, which most often is rewarded even more sporting triumph at the expense of other values.


Develop fundamental skills of children, including:

Psychomotor function .. Perception of the body, balance, knowledge of time and space and coordination.

Normalization or improvement of the child's behavior in preparation for their social integration. In addition to perform all the functions of your body.

Channeled aggression, because it produces a calming effect on the child and the physical, spiritual development. It teaches you to live in groups, to interact with others and be more communicative. And impulse control.

Improves concentration. According to the evolution that has to be gaining in achieving learning objectives (belts), used both in studies and in his personal life.
Security. Kyokushinkai Karate coach for their physical and technical requirements, makes people more confident of its ability both to deal with life, as in defense.

The Maestro.

Monitor Kyokushinkai Karate is not only an athletic trainer, but it becomes a master. Example in which the child see a mirror both sporting and personal. It becomes an important benchmark in education of the child, along with the school and parents.

Respect and trust is generated between student and teacher will help the child's development as a person.



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