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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

What are the Katas?

The katas are synchronized movements of attack and defense. They learn how to combine diverse movements of hands and feet in attack and defense.

In them is where you can appreciate the true meaning of karate, which shows that karate is a martial art not aggressive, but defensive proof of this is that all begin with Uke kata (blocage).

Meaning of Kata

Taikyoku: First Cause, sublime final.
This kata was created by Gichin Funakoshi, Sosai describes this kata as the most basic of all. One must learn to go on all fours before starting to walk the way of karate.

Pinan: Mind calm, peaceful security.

The 5 Pinan (called Heian in other styles) were created by Itosu Anku. Debota karate practice will provide calm and peace to his spirit to a serene heart.

Yantsu: Three securities.
Indicates that one must struggle in daily life to overcome the weaknesses and maintaining a pure spirit.

Tsuki-No-Kata: Punches, Four corners.
This kata teaches one to generate force to strike in all directions and with various weapons.

Kanku: Vista to heaven.
This kata was chosen by Funakoshi in his first public demonstration held in Japan in 1922. Is the kata Kanku Kyokushinkai supreme. At the moment we raise hands together in an open position, one looks at the sky through them and reflaja the meaning of man in glory and in the infinity of heaven. While heaven and earth are in their heavenly stay will be all right. The morning sun will rise again and there will be new hope after all how hard it seems.

Sanchin: Three battles.
The name of this kata has several benchmarks, such as coordinating the position, breathing and movements of the arms, or the unification of mind and body and spirit. Sosai also spoke of the coordination of mind, spirit and technique without forgetting also the triangles that form the Sanchin position.

As said there are 3 examples Sosai vital to improve the kata

            Rhythm of the art.


            Breath control.

It can also be considered as the three focal points of Sanchin.

Tensho: Tour of hands, change hands.
This kata was created as a supplement Chogun Miyagi Sanchin. Sosai said to be the most indispensable of all senior kata.

Dai Geksai: conquer and occupy.
It can also mean "Storm the fort" was created by Miyaqui in 1940 with the intention to teach strong and powerful movements ..

Saiha: Maximum Destruction.
This kata also was created by Miyagi. The name promotes a feeling of full power to express through body movements.

Seiechin: The storm in the midst of calm.
Advanced rebel attack on the withdrawal or deleted. The name suggests the need to overcome the weakness of the spirit and suppress any desire to surrender to the adversities of life.

Garyu: The Dragon footwall.
Garyu In philosophy the word refers to a great man who remains anonymous, this kata was created by Sosai Matsutatsu Oyama.
Garyu was the name by which it was known in its early Sosai when he started practicing karate. A true karateka develops the spirit and humility and, like a lying dragon has the power but choose not to use it.



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