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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Kyokushin weight Division

In all Kyokushin Championships throughout the world, are usually done with weights System Division. Most countries have weights, Light, Medium and Heavy. In Japan, this is not true, only uses the Open System of Weights, which fight Competitors of all weights in the same division (except the Osaka tournament, which takes place with different weights).

To some foreigners Pesos Open System can be a disadvantage, for various reasons: poor countries with poor nutrition, Countries in which the size of the competitors is rather low, and so on. Why some people do not understand why Sosai not want to enter the Division of Weights System in Japan, especially now that about the World Championship.
The Delegate of a country Kyokushin, Oyama Sosai suggested, taking into account this proposal, the answer was short: "is Budo Kyokushin, Kyokushin is not a sport, however, if we go into the Olympics, we could adapt our rules, for now, there is no reason to change, is Kyokushin Budo. "

"Later, he explained," It is not difficult to understand that a Karateka 80 Kilos, is stronger than a 60 Kilos, and one of 100 kilos is stronger than 80 kilos, a Sumo Wrestler (approximately weighing 150 kilos) is stronger than a Karateka, the Sumo Champion "Konishiki" weighs 240 kilos. In addition, a bull is stronger than a man, and an elephant is stronger than a bull ... But man can kill an elephant because it has more intelligence than this. "

"If a man dominating another slightly stronger because of his mental power and intelligence, this demonstrates the strength and spirit of Kyokushin and Kyokushin is for everyone. I would be very happy, of course, if a man like Kenji Midori (approximately 64 Kilos) could win the World Cup ... "

Sosai Message, December 1990


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