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Leg exercises with and without overweight



SQUAT: This is without doubt the number one exercise for muscle development of the lower extremities (buttocks, quadriceps, biceps femoris, abductors and adductors, gastrocnemius, soleus and tibialis), speaking also to work the abdominals and spine erect, both groups on the trunk.

RULES TO MAKE GOOD THE EXERCISE: Place the bar on a suitable support for the squat, support between 2nd and 4th thoracic vertebra and the trapezius muscle between your feet to a width to higher than your shoulders, keep your head up and back straight.

Begin to bend your legs in a downward motion until your hips and knees are at the same height. To achieve stability during the movement you will have to take back hip as you descend, always keeping your head high. Once you've completed the move downward immediately iniciareis ascending or bluntness but gently and without lifting your heels off the ground, before returning to the starting position. You will have to observe at all times that your knees and feet "pointing" the same direction during the year, otherwise you can suffer unpleasant inconvenience.

CAUTION: If you have any problems in the knees, we recommend doing the same exercise but sinsobrepeso. If the problem is serious it is recommended not to. When working with weight (no matter how much) is recommended to work in pairs. So when one works, the other helps and supervises the work of the first. This will avoid accidents.


Head down during exercise, because you lose stability in the spine and weight to it that affects the legs.

Lower the hips below the knees, forzaríais these joints and not too quickly would have serious problems.
Your knees do not go near each other during the rise or fall, not good for the ligaments of the "incurred" knees.
Do not raise your heels off the floor at any time, effective restaríais exercise.
No big kilages manejéis without using a belt of protection for the lower back area.
Support the knee on the ground. When you rest the weight support on the floor minus tension to your muscles and exercise performance.

VARIATIONS OF EXERCISE: The most common variations are achieved by changing the distance from the feet, so the more you keep company more work the middle and inner areas of your thighs, while if you do otherwise the greater the work of muscles outside

You can also use a wedge-shaped table to support your heels, this will develop over your buttocks.

In the event that you have a back problem that I support it prevents the bar, you can use the machine "HACK", popular in all gyms, or replaced by a dumbbell bar that sujetareis, as a ballast parallel to your body.

SPLIT: This is another exercise that can "crush" all the muscles of the legs, butt included. There are two types of this exercise are substantially different, front and side split.

The first requires great effort of the buttocks, quadriceps, hurting somewhat less to the twins. The second you mentioned will work significantly quadriceps and abductors, without this the other muscles to relax.

SPLIT FRONT: Stand erect, head up, leaning against the back bar or dumbbells hanging at your sides, feet apart shoulder width, one foot a big step forward and descend to an angle of 90 degrees (no lower)

When you come to form that angle up to the starting position and do it with the other leg, alternating over and over. During exercise, the feet and knees should "point" is always the same direction, for what will be necessary for the heel levantéis delayed at times of maximum flexion.

SPLIT SIDE: The preparation is exactly the above. In this case we must bend to one side and we must also monitor the leg flexed to 90 degrees does not pass, once you get there you must initiate the movement down the contrary, to recover the initial position and so switch over and over

You can also do the exercise without overweight, monitor all the details to be worked not overweight does not mean you have to do anyway, we can always hurt. Of course the above warnings are used to this exercise

Losing the verticality of the column. You will have to always keep your back straight, it is important for the proper execution of the exercise and your health.
No coordinate feet and knees. Coordináis Otherwise, if you do not point to the same place your knees will suffer. You will have to perform the movements cleanly, without any loss of balance bluntness. If necessary, practice with no weight or reducing it as needed.

VARIATIONS TO THE EXERCISE: The most common way to vary the split is by fixing some distance between his feet, but in this way substantially change the "levers joint" so that the more the more effort you will have to make separéis,

For those who have never done these exercises you may not need to weight the first few times, or use light load, also alternate legs. But if you use heavy weights will be much better you do this exercise with one leg to the other.

This is not about the issue of how much weight should be loaded or the number of repetitions or sets, so I recommend before you do see someone understood.

Extensions in MACHINES (quadriceps): So called because it involves extending the legs to make them straight, by the action of the quadriceps. It is located very effective exercise to "balance" the working muscles (which tend to be visibly more developed on the inside and a half in most people) because it is performed in a position that evenly distributes the stress in each of the "four heads" of the muscle.

The execution of the exercise is simple, you will have to sit at the table of the machine and Hang on to the handles of the seats to maintain the fixed posture, You will pass behind the foot pads and caps, having previously chosen the right weight, and you can leg extensions begin to put them straight and immediately you will begin moving back until you reach the starting position.


If the machine is not a table (there are different models), there are some that are like armchairs, you will not be seated separately from backup. If separáis the lower back, the tension of the abdominals you will round the back and that is very bad for your back. No torzáis feet to either side, keeping them straight and with the tips forward and upward.

No bajéis the weight suddenly, that would make your knees and suffer regret terminaríais

Do not let the peso pose at the end of each repetition, it would compromise the financial year

VARIATIONS TO THE EXERCISE: You can test an instant hold weight in the fully extended position, no doubt, this will add more weight to exercise.
You can do the exercise, alternating one leg and one in each series or, by a number for each leg separately.

FEMORAL BICEPS CURL: As in the previous case, this is a localized exercise, being the protagonists the hamstrings, quadriceps muscle antagonists, located in the back of the leg between the buttocks and the articulation of knee.

You can often see that people do not train these muscles properly, they do not know the importance of them really are. That is why frequent cramps and other ailments when they are required more than most are prepared to give . The reason is very simple, are muscles that are not within our sight and if we do use them in conjunction with other muscles of the legs, lacking a direct feeling of action. For any athlete that comes up: " MIRA, ME I'M PUTTING IN THE FORM, HAVE YOU SEEN ME HOW MY Biceps Femoris have grown?. Well if you try this exercise tell you, you will have an intimate relationship with your hamstrings and I never ignoraréis.

EXERCISE: Lie facedown on the couch and put your heels below the caps. From this position the weight lifted up by bending your legs all you can, completing half of the year. The other half is the downward movement of the weight to the starting position, which you will have to do with maximum control.


Do not use heavy weights, then, without noticing, you will not be able to bend the legs up
Do not let the weight rests at the end of each repetition, you know that it is inadvisable

Go not up the weight of a hitch, that would leave you very sore tendons, and you produce a momentary stiffening of the legs

Do not let the weight fall sharply, in this position the knees will complain immediately

Do not make this exercise more than twice a week and always leaving to spend three days between each occasion. Think that you use these muscles every day to move you, three or more times a week in your martial practices, then the weights as well, if you pass, you'll be practicing the best recipe for overtraining

VARIATIONS TO THE EXERCISE: The possible variations are the same as in the previous year.

Remember that this is not a training plan, only shows the correct way to exercise.



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