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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions



Kyokushin Spirit
• The spirit of Kyokushin Karate is fighting with himself, not against others.

• Since ancient times, it is said that Karate training requires three years to keep the method further three years and to improve further three years.

In other words make the body a powerful weapon is the most important at the base of Karate. Correct and complete the development of this base requires extensive training and all acts of improvement is the way of understanding the inner essence of Karate.

• Success depends on the goals and diligence in getting them.
• One thousand days of training, a beginner, ten thousand days of training, a teacher.

Championship and Competition
• One of the most pragmatic ways of making comparisons with others in order to improve our own technique, is the participation in tournaments. There, you can compare yourself and see clearly if your training has been effective.

• In modern Karate races, competitors are not allowed to beat each other for fear of causing serious injury. It is my belief that this type of fighting is far removed from what is the true essence of Karate. For the fighters should be allowed to have contact. So they can measure their spirit and the judges and the audience can clearly see the development of combat.

• Karate never be taught or presented as a vehicle of public entertainment. However, it is done neatly and according to the rules of competition, interested viewers can watch the karate competitions. This will serve as an excellent way to promote and expand the interest of the general public in particular to his Karate.

• Life in Karate is the formal practice of combat, without which the Karate no more serious than a game to a person

• An improper attitude inhibits the implementation of even the most perfect technical skill.
• The greatest enemies of Karateka are agitation, lack of flexibility and neglect.
• The Karate requires special monitoring. Since it involves a lot of speed and destructive force, mental attitude is appropriate in this case that allows us to express its maximum power to achieve their goals and defeat your opponent psychologically.

Kata (formal exercise)
• One who has practiced Tensho thousand times and firmly understand his theory not only avoid any attack, but will the advantage to you and can defend well.

• We could call the various strikes, blocks and kicks, we have been discussing the alphabet of Karate these are the individual parts of which Karate is done. The formal exercises of karate (kata), combined with these elements and giving concrete forms, are the frames that make the words and phrases in the alphabet of karate.

The Dogi
• The practice suit (Dogi) is like the warrior's battle armor, anyone who practices Karate must care practice suit with respect and affection, always taking good care of it.

It is very important to assess their karate uniform. A famous teacher of Judo said she valued all Dogi, but especially those who had a history of many battles. The person who is really committed to take care of your Karate Dogi and kept clean.


Rhythm in Karate
• The rate is defined as any movement characterized by regular recurrence of strong and soft elements.
Everything in the universe have rhythm, like music is external, or internal and the atomic structure of a rock. The martial arts are no exception, and the student who has a sense of rhythm in Karate improve faster than someone who does not understand. It would be very useful for getting involved in karate rhythmic occurrences present in everyday life such as music, dance and so on. This will take to lead a unification of mind and body which will serve the firm foundation for growth and excellence in all circumstances.

Non-stop train
• Teaching Karate, I found all kinds of students with all types of personalities. Some have the characteristics to become a good Karateka. Others are lazy.

In a short period of six months or a year, it is difficult to know exactly which people evolve. Some are well coordinated and make rapid progress at first and then rest in the survey. They become lazy, and at the end are outweighed by those who initially promised much.

• The objective comparisons with other Dojos and other students within the same Dojo, are positive, but we must never lose sight of the real purpose of this comparison. KNOW OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING THE STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OF OTHERS.

No Rest
• Studying the martial art is like climbing a mountain without a break to go ahead. The rest is not allowed because it causes breaks to former states of satisfaction. Persevering daily improvement techniques, but relax, if only for one day, causing a deadlock. This must be prevented.

• When I said goodbye Sosai at Haneda (Old airport of Tokyo), his parting words were: I want you with an attitude to die, because if you live in this way understand the meaning of OSS.


Gichin Funakochi
• The ultimate goal of karate lies not only in victory or defeat, if not the perfection of the character of its practitioners.

• In training do not expect good results soon. Karate training can be extended for a lifetime. In the study of any material, little can gain from training interrupted, as in karate in particular, requires a strong and continuous training. Train consistently without being impatient. Develop gradually, moving steadily, one step at a time.

• The goal of the training reflects the precept expressed by the words:
Although the alley is small, moving in the distance.

Once one has been learned kata must be practiced repeatedly until it is applied in an emergency, knowing only that the sequence of a form in karate is useless.

Jigoro Kano (founder of Kodokan Judo)
• Nothing under heaven is more important than teaching. The teaching of one virtuous person can influence many, what has been learned well by one generation can be passed on to thousands.

Miyamoto Musashi
• From ancient times have taught us many ways to direct the eyes, but the one used at present is to look at the opponent's face, his eyes focusing more than usual, and maintaining a serene face. Pupils should not move and should observe the opponent that is close as it was in the distance. This form of perception allows us to observe the techniques of the opponent and that happens on both sides of our body.

The soldier should always observe the distant as it was close, and it was near and far. He must know his enemy's sword without her.

• Since you can win quickly by taking the lead, is one of the most important aspects of the strategy. Many things include taking the initiative.

It should be as large as possible to take each situation, see through the spirit of the enemy in order to receive his strategy and defeat him.

• To stay on the path, you must train constantly, and not deviate one bit from the target. With your spirit settled, accumulate practice day by day, hour by hour.

• The water alters its shape according to the package that contains it, be it square or round. Water can be a drop or if they come together can become a big ocean. Making the water flow freely as the model and your mental attitude must be fluid like water.

Kensho Furuya (Priest)
• Only an idiot who loves practice may continue practicing throughout life.

• A poor student can only improve with a good teacher. A good student can improve even if your teacher is good or bad.

• The most difficult thing for a student when he begins to train is to leave aside all their preconceived notions and conclusions.

• Although there is no occasion or prayed to Buddha is a pilgrimage to a shrine, if your heart is right and full of compassion, nor abandon the gods.
SHIBA Yoshimasa - Ideals of the Samurai

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