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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Training with Bag

Saco "multipurpose"

On that I can install in my garage, with a firmly fixed to the ceiling (eye, the work to which I will submit to the fixation is not only gravity but shear, torsion, total weight of the bag and my weight acceleration -, noise impacts from the transmission chain structure of the building ....), bearings that can alleviate these efforts. The recommended weight would be 40 or 50% of the weight of the user, with an approximate height of 1.30 and a width of 35 cm. It should be hung up to our waist. The material they are made is variable, leather, vinyl (eye, with sweat can slip shock and self-injury). The filling is variable (there are even water), but should never be excessive hardness, which returns the shock wave. Remember that more than 0100 seconds of contact on the surface is then regarded push, not hit. The rebound of the wave could have adverse effects on the joints, headaches giving even the rib cage to act as a drum, transmitting vibration to the skull via the spine. The excessive wrist bandage to prevent injuries in case of excessive hardness not guarantee anything, is transmitted to the elbow injury (such as the ski boot, prevents ankle injury but transmitted to the knee). Cohesive and take care to avoid moisture can alter (sand). A blend of cotton, ground rubber (tire retreading not wire) can just pollock hardness. Never fill a bumper, it is necessary that they are about 15 cm in the upper free to fit the beat and send the filled-up and make the fist. A paste upercut upward, with the maximum weight of support, must be cocked every chain joint (the shoulder has more than 60% of area outside the watershed, if I have an extreme care to seal the coup, the lesion may .) The weight is not important in the sack, the hardness is dangerous (the legend of the fighters hitting taylandeses bananas to "harden" the ends do not realize that these trees are used when they have only three years, they are soft on the outside and very flexible.)

Heavy bag: It's going to work fixing our support in the footwork, joint levers etc. Charges to be used in boxing are the actual body weight, we launched the limb (arm), and weight rival. This is true in most of the fight, but clinch or short, the explosive power (that is limited in time) leads to maximum strength. In the heavy bag speed the eye-displacement relationship is not as important as light in the bag because the bag moves less and the possibility of injury or imbalance causes the flow is less. Position While our support (we can get the sack of his vertical, increasing its weight), seal up our hits (shoulder rotation) and absorb impacts are the objectives of this work. Hits "deep" to transfer to cross knowing that the rival is there, putting feeling and weight, use of rotating and locks elusive.

Lightweight Jacket (speed bag): pear-shaped (the special Monsoon). Weighing between 15% of body weight, weight, pendulum motion, resembling the head. Snap Work (movement of a whip, add the partial kinetic chains lightweight but very powerful acceleration), exit 3, recovery 10 acts on the surface of impact, but with a very high molecular vibration. A jab of a boxer elite can arrive in 0.150 seconds. Among this type of shot and the previous (more weight), is that stroke of nockeador in its right place, that does not send the opponent back (push), but it causes a short circuit, leaving him in a position of closeness to connect final. With this work we can dodge the head, and waist movements. The height is conducive to working and heart pumping shoulders up, improving the guard.


Macrocycle VOLUME:

The aim is to increase in aerobic capacity (use of oxygen as fuel). For the boxer the princiante, people of a certain age, adolescents, tune-ups, time spent out of competition, learning tasks. The starting point that we need a general upgrading of the heart. We get an increase of heart muscle (from 900 ml to 110ml), by making us go round with 120 strokes at the start and finished in 180 p / m. At the same time, increases lung capacity (6 to 8 liters), taking into account the 4 l. an untrained. The respiratory efficiency increased (decreased volume of ventilation to consume 1 liter of oxygen). Growing alveolar surface of lung capillaries. The amount of blood pumped from an untrained can be 5 to 18 liters / minute, continuous aerobic training can extend from 5 to 35 l / m. At the cellular level, increased capillarization, increased mitochondria, better oxygen utilization.

The effect could suggest that it is the ideal training regimen. For some people, whose sole purpose is fitness, it can be. But competitive sport requires extraordinary returns. Amateur boxing requires efforts similar heart-racing 800 m, under anaerobic. Diaphragmatic breathing is not lung (short bite-fear-exchange-rate shock). The type of aerobic respiration system is similar to 5000 meters. Another important point is the use of ST muscle cell (slow start in earnest to 0.80 seconds, running with oxygen). In efforts explosives are used FT (fast, are activated in 0.30 sec, used glycogen).

Transformation studies show marathon ST FT irretrievably for many. In short, we transformed the doberman in ven galgo.I substances generated with long efforts (such as piuvirato) cancel the segregation of lactate. Is it necessary to aerobic training then? Are. When we go to the corner after a tough round, gasping like fish out of water, the ventilation capacity and the biggest heart pump blood and oxygen, and in that short minutes we cut the deficit ventilation, and quickly went down the heart rate to enter the next assault in the best conditions. Besides the long workouts improve coordination, mental ability, fix and automate gestures. That if we are slower and less explosive.

In this stage, we could include shadow (no acceleration), rope, string. The assaults may be 3 minutes for a rest, the number should be high (12-15), the bags varied. The technique over power, all in the average threshold of 150-180 pul / minute, with care from the age of 30. The risk of heart problems is low, the oxidation of fat puts us at the fighting weight, injuries are rare.

Mesocycle precompetition:

Not everyone is going to compete. Competitive sport is not synonymous with health. The requests are higher, the intensity increases the loads. Should not start these mesocycles (intermediate) at a young age (more than 20 years and decreased from 30). Once we have achieved a fitness and technical (say two years) will start volume sessions complementing strengths anaerobic loads more specialized. But we must never allow the train of this type of load is more than 30% of the total, leaving 70% of the volume workout. If for reasons of packaging fast (we get a fight, we had a lesion in the middle) the breaks between the runs must be long, with full recovery of heart rate.

Work anaerobic (low oxygen) it will be divided into two classes, anaerobic alactic (speed-power) and lactic anaerobic (strength).

Oxygen is the cheapest source for the body, since it is unlimited. The hunter follows the trail of the prey (aerobic work.) When he finds, confronts her, she runs and fights (anaerobic work). A former cocaine addict, with two weeks of training, such as Bert Cooper was a super athlete like Holyfield to a caramel for 45 seconds, limit of anaerobic work. A novel, seized by fear, put the turbo and can have half assault on the state of grace then is left with nothing, can only throw the opponent words. The old man crossed the street, you see the car coming at full speed ... Linford sprint to Crystye (by the way, mind you, not breathing when he runs the 100 meters).

The maximum stresses occur in the short time of six seconds. The central system sends a chemical order (before stimulus) that makes cells st (the slow) and ft (fast) work together. The brain does not understand the speed, but explosive power, and electric shock to achieve stimulation of ST and FT joints is 40 Hz (the maximum we can only get with an electric shock). Keep this stimulation is only possible for about 4 seconds after tetanization occurs, stimulation decreases. But if we do not use oxygen, a source used as fuel for the core system? For a substance called ATP, which produces a real nuclear explosion. Even after that explosion, I can keep other major explosion 15 seconds after ATP, associated with muscle glycogen begins to produce a milky substance that pollutes the cell: lactic acid. So far, the anaerobic phase alactic (SIN creates lactic acid) is explained in a simplistic manner.

But I want to talk about Ft cells, the influence they have on the power-velocity. The feet are 3 times more capacity shrinkage that St (slow, long work), and explosive movements (120 ms) are due to the Ft, although the brain in explosive movements make them all in motion. You you stick with a power lifter, and explosiveness is terrible, you see a bodybuilder (more than 8 repetitions) and pushes it hits. Bodybuilders biopsies demonstrating a profusion of cell st. And for the record that the greater or lesser amount of FT cells is a genetic issue (hence the speed-power is so difficult to develop). But there's more. The large muscles, rounded, are more capable of carrying tension. Stay half second in front of an opponent hitting (low-intensity fighting, very determined and supported), which can concentrate their strength and say goodbye. Now, move it. As you need to set in motion large muscles (rolling), loses danger. Rounded skeletal muscles can carry large amount of stress, but when you have to distribute small amounts of other muscles in movements Longer download these microdescargas distort more important. Tyson makes a move for roading, separated from the blow, sometimes even seems uncoordinated, to remove his opponent's jab, and then download all the power. It can take years usefully coordinate the use of skeletal muscles and long. The player who runs with long strides towards the ball, then shortens and applies all the power is one example. When we want explosive power work, we will do in small series but maximum support and back to scroll for 10 seconds (avoid the appearance of lactic acid) and return to the series.

Certainly not fight well, but it's getting physical qualities one by one, and then associate. The assaults on the bag will be short, two minutes, and not very numerous, it creates barriers to repeat this work speed (sprinters proved that if repeated too often short careers, not evolved, stagnating).

After the 20 seconds we agreed that you begin to create lactic acid (lactic anaerobic FASE). The effort variable space can be maintained depends on the training, 1 minute more. If we can sustain the effort for three minutes total, die poisoned. Once depleted muscle glycogen, the liver is depleted, we will have to stop and get to the stage aerobic (with oxygen) and reusing the glycogen that is saturated in blood. In this scheme works amateur anaerobic work (except the final). It is similar in several respects, career 800 m. Repeated "But what about oxygen? The breath of a boxer puncher especially if it is diaphragmatic. The fighter comes to the corner with a very high oxygen deficit. According to the effort, weight, technology economy has given the pace of the rival. But it could talk a solicitation of oxygen of 70 ml / mint / kg. (3minutes * 70 * 70 kg = 15 liters of oxygen debt). If you did a previous study of volume, increased heart function and pulmonary-minute rest will not recover. If you are asthmatic, for example, oxygen can not reach an optimal way. Not only the hits are dangerous. The anaerobic entrenamienro acceleration has the effect of an increase in the wall of the heart muscle up 15mml. If one did not previously trained in volume (to extend the ball) will be also that the "ball" above desinchado has thicker walls. Abuse of training can lead to acceleration coronary transadapter (arrhythmias that disappear with rest). Fifteen days of rest and then return to normal.

To work on accelerations can choose one or more stereotyped series, and starting times of 30 seconds of continuous series and 30 of rest, to complete a cycle of five series. We can increase the time, vary the rest, as we enhance the series command, and change of pace, etc. The variation of the bag only varies the position or type of shot. The pulses arrive at the 200 p / m, even exceeded. It is an effort to work hand in hand in the fight more intense, a job with more sparring or American wheel (three boxers who enter into successive rounds).


Known rival, I will use the bag to work the techniques that I can come better. The workouts are shorter but more intense. Working in real time, with all my equipment (casting, oral, etc). If it's 3 rounds, I'll bag an intense 2 minutes of shadow (if I'm not her legs or the rival demands it), half off, completing the three rounds. They are then required five minutes or more to start another round.

If I foresee a very physical opponent, I can do one minutes of floor exercises and enter immediately into the sack. There are many variations. The important thing is to approach as near to the physical level (not talking about fighting shock or stress) of the real fight. This should not extend much microcycle (over 15 days is excessive). Gradually decrease to charge towards the fight. An aerobic work 1 hour and a half at a fast pace requires 72 hours of recovery. Power-speed, 48 hours can be recovered. Accelerations (short sessions) over 50 hours. Can be blended skillfully and allow multiple workouts even on the same day. Given that recovery is usually 60% of capacity in half of those periods.




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