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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions



This problem is quite common for the simple reason that many athletes are unable to accept that they can train others to do damage, it leaves your logic. But how many times have we seen boxing figures that seem lacking in training?. Almost always they say, lacks training, while the real cause is that it is over-trained

An error in which too easily fall further, due to our capacity for suffering sovereign tend to ignore a number of symptoms indicating that we are overdoing it. Getting a time when the person gets stuck. Perhaps this may seem a bit exaggerated, but who does not know someone or oneself that after a few weeks away returning with better conditions and more willing to train?. Sometimes this may be more mental fatigue than physical.

For example, after an intensive training (moving from graduation, or any type of competition), the body not only shows a saturation of training, also blamed excessive psychological commitment on the part of the person to the activity. Being recommended that once completed, the test championship, and so on. Rest a while not to fall in saturation at all levels.

Sometimes psychological pressure than physical labor. This is also a boundary variable even within oneself, for in his definition does not come into play only genetic factors but also environmental or physical and emotional. The causes of overtraining are to be found not only the intensity of our sports sessions, we must also take into account our emotional state and how it affects us (sometimes more than the bill) our environment.

It can also happen otherwise, that the psychic realm is psyched but I do not respond physically, in that case you must be a self-examination to see if I really am able to do what I want. That does not mean it can not be done but may have to change the time and it costs me more, for example: if I want to run a marathon and am not trained, there are some physicists who in three or five months meet the requirement but others not so you can run the marathon the same but within eight or ten months. And that does not take away any merit to your effort and dedication is more I would say that it adds, as you did it cost twice or more than the other but got the same thing.

All training is a psycho-physical wear and it is precisely to recover the body of the wear when restructuring progresses imperceptibly. A remarkable physical progress is the result of the sum of all recoveries, restructuring of our body after each workout along "x" months. It follows that a body not recovered properly after practice is a body that does not progress, and what is worse, you are more vulnerable to injuries (sprains, strains, fractures, etc.). And disease.

Therefore it is clear that both the body and the mind can demand a lot, real limit to our ... but the wise is ... not go the limit, that would be falling in overtraining and that we derive from other causes, such as disillusionment with a practice has been spending so long without making progress (or return) and that the only thing element is a long series of injuries. Therefore it is likely that the individual may come to question their inability to sports.

Well it is obviously important to train, but even more so to do so globally, and rational step.

Overtraining can lead to poor sleep and appetite. If we extend these alterations a clear case of overtraining and chronic fatigue should be very careful with this type of fatigue it is arguably pathological. The symptoms are varied and of a different nature:

Decreased muscle contraction force.

Frequent accidents and muscle and joint injuries:

Increased resting heart rate and exercise.

Increased sweating at rest.

Decreases in vital capacity and the maximum voluntary ventilation.

Increased sweating to perform exercises that usually work.

Menstrual disorders and the ability of fertilization.

Neurosis and alterations in the character


Loss of appetite (anorexia)

Impaired mental performance

Feeling of exhaustion and fatigue

Decreased dexterity, skill and coordination.

Time increases the responsiveness

Decreased performance

Disorders of absorption of albumin (protein pasta, rice, macaroni, spaghetti).

Dyspepsia (stomach dysfunction)

Feeling depressed

It is impossible to list linking standard-hours-number of days training, from which one can say that inevitably will produce a phenomenon of overtraining. It all depends on each person

Before the onset of symptoms before detailed it is best to limit or stop for a while to practice. Once considered fully recovered can start playing in a gradual, but if there is a recovery should go to a doctor.

Also remember that problems can have a psychological origin and not physical.
If it is also important to train the mind-body relax (and not the spirit).


A diet in accordance to physical wear

Sleep 8 or 9 hours

Rest both physically and mentally, at least two days a week.

Having completed the sporting objective, we must rest at least a couple of weeks to do only what is necessary to keep

Rest a full month at least once a year

Practice relaxation exercises or meditation

Drink plenty of water

Depending on the objective to be achieved, following a training program according to our physical capabilities, mental and spiritual



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