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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

Shihan Steve Arneil

The path of Sosai Mas Oyama:



What I decided Kyokushin?

Steve Arneil:
The difference was in the extremely strict.

In the conduct and technique.

It also happened that many styles
wanted to join immediately.

Here was the opposite.

They should accept me.

It was like a personal challenge.

No other styles meant that they were bad.

In some ways, was connected with
I had learned before.

At that time completely unaware of what was Kyokushin.

Kyokushin is style.

Kyokushinkai is organization.

At that time, for me,

was simply Oyama.

"At that time, kyokushin style defined eraun
or training?


I was still in a developmental stage.

Oyama knew exactly what he wanted,
but still being developed.

Think about those who were there
those days were the first generation of disciples.

Oyama had previously trained other styles
with different teachers, including Funakoshi and Yamaguchi.

I could even see training between Oyama and Yamaguchi.

At that time, had just begun to divide the roads.

The style was developing.

Sosai karate was creating a much stronger
and purely technical.

He was very perfectionist.

In general, the other concentrated style
its efforts in spreading karate in universities
prioritizing the sporting aspect.

Oyama was Korean.

Received influences from various sources,
but exercised strict control.

We should do what he told us.

Do not ask what you thought.

Whatever he said had to do it.

No questions or discussion.

Those were the rules.

And with such an approach was developed.

For example, we see Chinese influence
that the kata Pinan call on that line.

While the Japanese are called Heian.

Is a Chinese word Pinan and Heian is a Japanese word.

Also in the use of circular movimentos.

We worked hard in a circle.

Other Japanese styles work more straight movements.

Sosai felt that the circle
is absolutely impenetrable.

The fan serves as an example.

If you're slow and you put a finger through it.

But if you spin faster way to get there.

Applied to Karate, if someone
approaches may not touch you.

The same influence we see in Tensho,
Chinese origin which can be seen in their movements.

Also in Sanchin.

This comes from the Okinawan Goju
and advance in China.

Our Sanchin is characterized by
the positions of the feet, because basically

triangles and geometric points.

The Goju is an upright and another forty-five degrees.

It is not which is good and what is wrong.

Mind being made correctly and strong to work.

Sanchin kata in our closed fists
but there is no reason that prevents

make her open hands, as in Uechi Ryu.

In Sanchin, fully exercise
Ibuki principles.

Our katas are basically
same movements as Shotokan and Goju Ryu.

The difference is that we work
much in a circular motion and walk straight.

Other styles walk by the crescent.

In another specific kata, Seichin,

when we make kiba dachi.

Hanshi Steve Arneil, the Maestro Julio Romero

Does the form of sports kumite
know today, is the same as was performed
at the beginning, and then allowed his fist in the face?
At first I was developing the sport kumite.

It was Budo.

So every time you had
to fight in the Dojo, it was a fight for your life.

It could hit in the face, the genitals.

A consequence of this mode, I have the broken wall.

We could really hit and the idea
was to knockout (k.o.) to the opponent.

In this way we fought until 1963.

It so happened that defied Bangkok to Japan.

They said that the Japanese were talking too much,
went into words.

They asked why he accepted the Japanese group
fight them, with their rules.

Other styles are denied:
Shotokan, Goju Ryu, Wado Ryu ...
nobody wanted to fight.

Sosai asked if we wanted.

All said yes and he selected six, I among them.

We did not know the rules but we used to fight.

The idea was to knock the opponent.

Thai boxers told us we could not
hit with a bare hand, and that we should wear gloves.

A reluctantly agreed to use and started to train.

Fushi Nakamura and Tadashi Hira were the two
finally traveled.

The bye wishing you the best.

Knew little about what they would find there.

There were not videos.
We knew they were fighting on a ring,
many techniques were similar to ours.

News began to come.

QueTadashi said Nakamura knocked them all.

That Fushi Hiro as well.

The Thais were angry that the commitment
had been sent three wrestlers.

Kurasaki Then it was the coach and
was a good fighter but had not

trained for this commitment,
decided to fight.

He got the first without problems but
seconds broke his nose with his elbow, and Kurasaki lost.

Anyway, the result is anecdotal.

In return, we receive very happy.

They had our respect and the Muay Thai people.

But the rest of the people told us we were all crazy.

At that time we understood that if we wanted
kyokushin develop, extend its influence,
we had to make some changes.

Otherwise we stayed in
a select, very small.

Began to experiment with different variations.

Incorporate knock down system but
there was still too much blood,
too technical to the face and many knockout.

We understood that it would not work.

After the first tournament we went to Japanese
first World Tournament style.

He still could catch and hit his head with his knee.

Grab the jacket and hitting.
For example, were allowed to take the head
to strike with the knee but

taking only one hand.

Neither worked.

The hospital was filled after each tournament.

Smart people were trying to find form.

We knew what we were doing was very good
as Kenka karate, karate street.

And we decided to continue training in the dojo without limitations.

Although yes, limiting the possibilities in the sport kumite.

We said no more grips;
are not allowed to hit in the genitals
or joints;
even in the spine.

To measure the power of our technique
start with the tameshiwari:
Seiken tsuki, uchi Shuto, Empi uchi, Sokuto keri.

All attacks were eliminated by hand to the face
and vital points.

Many people think all we do
in kyokushin is beating us.

And it is totally wrong.

Kyokushin kata is perfect in technique, kihon.

We even have a world championship kata specifically.

I keep the rules in IFK Sosai taught me.

And incorporates a very strict medical supervision.

Before and during the competition.

In kyokushin, fought in four different ways.

* No contact, dial, with the system WUKO.

* The second - Clicker - with the simple method of scoring.
It is used with beginners
an introduction to knock down system.

* The third option is to full contact.

* And finally fight Kenko, street.



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