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The training will

Always write on the force, we focus on how to improve our aerobic threshold and we stress the muscles of our legs ... But we forget the basic weapon of every human being: the mind and will

By Rodrigo Gavela

I know in advance what will happen, but I will not accept it. You always have hope that change over time throughout the day. Glanced out the window, I see how the branches sway of the trees and hear the water crashing against the glass in continuous bursts. I'm stuck. Today I have long series, I am in full competitive period and I can not for tomorrow, because I change the whole plan of work and most likely will not change the climate. I will.

Hours later I'm heavily involved in training, ice cold water and soaked to the bone. I started off with squeamishness, dodging puddles, but the fourth time my worst predictions are fulfilled and no longer worth the compromises. As if it were a metamorphosis, radically transformed me. This wild part that is within me emerges, and how! A cry of rage is imposed on the whistling wind and the continuous crack of the curtains of water. The adrenaline shoots up to the highest levels, went into heat almost instantly, the water does not seem to bother me and now I do not care or may not wet ponds no longer exist for me.

At that time I challenge myself and the elements. I feel powerful in the mud. The wind is wild ... as I more! When I feel victorious and stronger than ever. Times series have been bad, but not so much, I'm exhausted, soaked. When I come home, the few people who cross me look at me with funny faces, I see completely muddy, but smiling, really think I'm freak. They have a point.

This situation is not so exceptional, is repeated several times a year and not always in the same way. When an athlete runs with a huge dry heat, with heat and humidity, with hurricane-force wind and almost unbearable in a land impracticable, impossible or a profile on a line of several kilometers are training their will. Perhaps many do not know and get unhappy because the times do not come out or because the feeling was very bad. Do wrong, because in extreme situations is tested not only the body but also the mind, and the latter is as important or more in the competition.

Who has not been upset after a hellish training with very adverse weather conditions? Who has not sworn out loud and to the four winds, before God and the world? Who has not finished an angry because the day I wanted to get out in the series to confirm his fitness appeared that damn wind and they are annoyed? After completing training, a runner will things went as expected, the times are a total mess, pulse fired, the recovery that never comes, wobbly legs, lungs and heart for help in a fist.


That may be the image of a defeated but NO! is the winner. This athlete has sacrificed time and challenging to confront the feelings that day. Training has made a WILL, where fighters are tanned. It should not be upset, or swear, or goats, but quite the opposite. We have to get more positive reading and understand that this day will have been trained, where one proves himself that is very strong psychologically and that is able to cope successfully with any challenge no matter how hard. A time ever a fighter training dictates.

If the day seems impossible to run, a seasoned marathoner is not afraid, but will not like it if you must. When you start looking up, a snort, draw a defiant smile, a glance to the right with the gesture harder and one on the left, with the mandible in maximum tension. And the first move. In the mind only appear a challenge: "to train my eggs now." But sometimes the weather is relentless and invincible, right? ...

This is spirit Kyokushin
The man is wrought with difficulties and obstacles that life is presenting daily.

In Kyokushin say: "A day without sweating, is a day to no avail," a comfortable life is no life without difficulties, it is full of frustrations, joys and sufferings.

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