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In martial arts, meditation on the past actions leads to the ability and skill in future actions

The Why of Contact Karate Kyokushinkai

Moment and with the enormous popularity of martial arts have achieved, there is a majority percentage of people who practice these disciplines only as a sport, a hobby or a form of recreation.

In contrast, a smaller proportion of cultivated these arts and also shows an effective defense system as a way of improving physical, mental and spiritual. In short as a way of life. This is how we understand who we are Karate Kyokushin Kai.

The martial arts especially karate, was originally created as a fighting system and an art warrior. Subsequently, with the natural evolution failed to have a distinctly military, maintaining discipline but with a mind of its own.

That is why in Kyokushin emphasize that to get into these ancient arts of the East, delivery of practitioner must be total, body and soul. On the physical plane if we strengthen our bodies and our natural weapons, we can get to use without risk of injury, since the melee involving physical risk

In this way by a strong physical discipline, we can achieve our mental discipline, which we will have an unchanging spirit which in turn will strengthen us in any adverse situation in life.

In Kyokushin practitioner should be checking their physical and technical achievements in practice, proving their mettle and courage in a difficult situation and above all as real contact fighting. It is not the same apply to simulate a real blow.

Unfortunately some will prove too late. This has cost them even their lives, or at least have been traumatized to see that everything they learned they had not done any good in the moment of truth. .

There are street fighters that without instruction in Martial Arts are great fighters. They were born and instructed at the Academy of Life ", in which there are no competitive rules do not apply ie the categories of physical weight, grade or level.

We must be prepared to cope with any street fighter or any practitioner of martial arts. It says it is wrong to wage war, but it's bad not to be prepared for it. Just as in their ultimate truth, karate teaches us to live a dignified life and also teaches us to defend dignity if necessary.

In a world full of violence and where every day a war breaks out somewhere in the globe, karate is an antidote to violence.

As previously mentioned, is that we believe are positive contact fighting, both in schools and in tournaments, there of course a sufficient period of preparation.

In addition to strengthening our spirit, contact combat teaches us to build inner strength in the difficult moments of the fight.

On the technical side allows us to verify the true effectiveness of our techniques to master the sense of distance, the psychological range, to raise our reflection and make more effective our dodges and blocks.

It also helps us greatly increase our capacity for shock absorption.

Proof is needed to assess their ability athlete, be severe with oneself and overcoming their own fears.

When man (or fighter) do not have faith and confidence, fear everything else.

The man is wrought with difficulties and obstacles that life is presenting daily.

In Kyokushin say: "A day without sweating, is a day to no avail," a comfortable life is no life without difficulties, it is full of frustrations, joys and sufferings.

We believe that whoever is strong in body and soul, is full of energy. This is Kyokushin Karate Truth.



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